Empowering the Poor through Bio-Energy

ICRISAT is working hard to ensure that the billions of dollars now flowing into bio-energy benefit the poor, rather than marginalizing them.

The risk is real. Bio-energy today is mostly derived from agriculture, and biofuel crops could take land away from growing food. Without conscious pro-poor action, influencing government policies and technologies, the poor may become poorer, and the hungry, hungrier.

As an agriculturally-oriented, non-profit, international organization dedicated to ending hunger and poverty in the tropical drylands through research-for-development, ICRISAT's mission and capacities position it ideally to contribute, together with partners, to pro-poor BioPower development.

ICRISAT and partners are contributing in many ways, such as:

  • Analyzing bio-energy trends to understand their consequences for the poor

  • Developing biofuel crops and cropping methods that increase incomes and food supplies for the poor

  • Helping the fuel industry work successfully with the poor for mutual benefit

  • Helping governments develop pro-poor bio-energy policies

  • Using bio-energy trees to rehabilitate degraded lands while earning incomes for the poor

This website describes these activities and achievements. We would be pleased to hear your ideas and suggestions on how we can further advance BioPower.


William Dar

Director General


BioPower Video Clip