The ICRISAT’s Center of Excellence in Genomics (CEG,, supported by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India is pleased to announce its 9th Training on course entitled Molecular Plant Breeding for Crop Improvement to be held during 7-18 November 2011 at the ICRISAT Campus at Patancheru, Greater Hyderabad, India. ICRISAT-CEG has already trained 200 scientists by organizing 8 training courses during the last three years. More details on these courses are available at

The 9th Training Course is open to mainly Indian Scientists however, few scientists from developing countries who have demonstrable ability to use the techniques taught can also apply. Selected Indian Participants will be provided to/from II AC train fare by shortest route, boarding and lodging at ICRISAT. Candidates selected from the other developing countries will need to get the sponsorship from either their organization or some other funding agencies for their travel expenses and ICRISAT will take care of their boarding and lodging at ICRISAT campus during the training course. Interested candidates can submit their applications online on or before 25 September 2011.

To improve the precision and efficiency of plant breeding programs, there is a need that plant breeders have access to new tools and technology – molecular markers extensively used by plant breeders in developed and developing world for trait specific newer and better crops. This course will help plant breeders to learn such techniques to integrate new tools into their crop improvement programs.

Course Outline  
The major focus of this course will be on analysis and the use of marker genotyping data rather than on data generation. Course will include presentations and/or hands-on training on topics like overview of molecular marker technology especially SSRs and SNPs, experimental design and data analysis components of phenotypic traits, construction of linkage maps, marker-trait association based on linkage mapping, marker-assisted backcrossing (MABC), marker assisted recurrent selection (MARS), genome-wide selection (GWS), and use of decision support tools in modern breeding approaches. The course participants will also be introduced to high-throughput genotyping platforms like DArT, BeadXpress system, etc.