Expected Outcomes

The programme has developed 150 expected outputs for both short-term (3 years) and medium to long-term (6-10 years) periods. These include increases in capacity (human and infrastructure), information systems, advanced breeding lines and varieties, and seed delivery mechanisms that would lead to increased productivity of the crops, increases in the area planted, and increased income to farmers. Some specific examples follow:

  • Ten to 15% increases in crops productivity and production in each target country
  • Ten to 15% increase in income generated from legumes production in each target country;
  • A functional national research programme developed for each crop per country;
  • At least one functional drought screening facility available for each target country;
  • At least one advanced line developed and/or released for each crop in each country;
  • At least one production guide for each crop per country prepared in local vernaculars and distributed; and
  • At least 100 farmers and small-scale seed producers in each target country trained in seed processing and packaging for each crop.