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Written in C and Java, this program automates the process of deriving discrete allele sizes from the imprecisely observed allele size data from microsatellite markers using the least squares minimization algorithm of Idury and Cardon 1997. The program generates useful summary statistics besides a quality index for each marker and checks for the presence of allelic drift.

Citation: Version in C: Stat istics Unit, ICRISAT

Prasanth VP, Chandra S, Jayashree B and Hoisington D. 2006. AlleloBin A program for allele binning of microsatellite markers based on the alogirithm of Idury and Cardon (1997). ICRISAT. International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics.

Version in Java Swing: Bioinformatics Unit, ICRISAT

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