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Training Opportunities

GT-Biotechnology provides various training opportunities for interns, research scholars and research fellows.


The Internship program for university students provides a practical work-study experience in applied research related to ICRISAT's research activities, with the study topic agreeable to the ICRISAT scientist who supervises the student. The Internship policy requires that the students be responsible for their personal expenses including travel, insurance (both life & medical) while on training at ICRISAT, India. An optional stipend of Rs 3150 could be provided, depending on the budget availability. The usual period is for a minimum of 6 months. Students must be affiliated with a recognized college or university.

Research Scholars

A research scholarship program for MSc and PhD students is available to conduct thesis research with an ICRISAT scientist. Students must be enrolled in a university of their choice for the MSc/PhD degree. The thesis related research, after course work and the preliminary examinations at the university, may be conducted under an ICRISAT scientist provided the university recognizes the ICRISAT scientist to serve on their student's thesis research advisory committee. The thesis research problem must be suitable for the degree being pursued and acceptable to the University and to ICRISAT. The financial support for the university residency is not available from ICRISAT funds. The students are expected to be self-supported or have financial support from any institution/project/donor during the period of their study program at ICRISAT. Our financial support for the thesis research will depend on funding availability and relevance to ICRISAT research priorities.

Research Fellows

Joint project attachments

This track is not degree-oriented, but provides a practical yet leading-edge opportunity for partners to learn-by-doing while contributing to the shared ICRISAT/NARS research project agenda. This opportunity also provides for research support and administrative functions, because these are also important to the overall institutional capacity building. ICRISAT welcomes applications for these attachments from national scientists (post-graduate professionals and technical training).


ICRISAT encourages requests from the NARS and collaborative scientists from its partner institutions to train their staff on desired disciplines for capacity building. The trainees are expected to apply the learnt techniques in their routine activities.

Depending upon where you are located, you can write to the nearest ICRISAT office. The main facilitating contact is the Coordinator of the LSU located in Patancheru (Hyderabad) in India. The coordinator will forward your application to the concerned ICRISAT Research Program.

Learning Systems Unit
Patancheru PO 502 324
Andhra Pradesh, India

You are welcome to contact the Regional Directors in Africa if you prefer to do your work in any of the laboratories or field stations there.

For Eastern and Southern Africa contact

Regional Director, ESA
ICRISAT- Nairobi
Po Box 39063
Nairobi, Kenya

For Western and Central Africa contact

Regional Director, WCA
PB 12404
Niamey, Niger (Via Paris)

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