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            ICRISAT together with its partners have floated the International Initiative for Pigeonpea Genomics (IIPG), linked with Pigeonpea Genomics Initiative, with an objective to make the pigoenpea genome information available to the global community.

            The Pigeonpea Genomics Initiative (PGI) was initiated in late 2006 with funding from Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Government of India under the umbrella of Indo-US agricultural knowledge initiative, which was further expanded with financial support from the US National Science Foundation’s Plant Genome Research Program and the Generation Challenge Program. As a result of the PGI, significant amount of genetic as well as genomic resources have been developed in pigeonpea through effective collaborations and coordination of genomics activities across several institutes and countries.

            IIPG and PGI look forward to seeing the use of genome information in pigeonpea breeding programme so that genomics-assisted breeding can be realized in so called orphan crop.

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