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Intellectual Property Management

ICRISAT strives to create a fruitful climate to encourage innovation and knowledge generation in support of its mission. ICRISAT also makes all possible measures to disseminate the products of its work to the public and the range of beneficiaries.

As part of on-going dissemination, this page provides basic information on intellectual property, ICRISAT’s IPR policy, links to IP-related websites, and provides access to various MTAs that are currently in use.


The major role of ICRISAT is to take all possible measures to make available the products of its work to the greatest number and range of beneficiaries. Having considered the importance to Intellectual Property and its management, an Intellectual Property (IP) Office was established in the year 2002 at Patancheru.

The IP office plays an important role by providing essential vision, training, backstopping and information flow for ICRISAT scientists at all locations with respect to the management of Intellectual Property. The Office also helps the wider community of ICRISAT’s beneficiaries by providing a platform for information dissemination and discussion.

The IP office is located in the office of DDG-R and works under the supervision of Deputy Director General (Research). Mr B. Hanumanth Rao, Senior Manager, IP and Mr Onkar Singh, IP Officer execute a program of work for implementing the Institute’s policy on IP, under the direction of DDG-R.

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