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Learning Opportunities


Since 1974 ICRISAT has trained 5,825 scientists and technicians from 110 countries
(Group training not included)

ICRISAT's Learning Systems Unit (LSU) is a research support service that functions globally. The LSU facilitates the attachment of scholars, partners and students in various Global Themes and research projects of ICRISAT in all the locations and laboratories. Over a period of 33 years, ICRISAT has offered capacity strengthening and learning services support for about 4900 advanced learners from 100 countries. At any given time, we host about 80 individuals at various stages of learning, including doctoral candidates.

There are three different types of affiliations that the LSU can facilitate:

Scholarly Studies

Research Scholars are candidates for MSc, PhD, or equivalent degrees, carrying out their thesis research at an ICRISAT location while completing their course work at a recognized university, either in a developing or developed country. In the spirit of learn-by-doing, the thesis work must be congruent with a priority area of the shared ICRISAT-NARS research agenda, involving the Scholar in an active research thrust. Typical disciplinary areas within the agenda include: genetic resources management, genetics, plant breeding, cytogenetics, biotechnology, physiology, agronomy, land and water management, soil science, modelling, agroclimatology, entomology, pathology, virology, socio-economics, and statistics.

Joint Project Attachments

This track is not degree-oriented but provides a practical yet leading-edge opportunity for partners to learn-by-doing while contributing to the shared ICRISAT/NARS research project agenda. This opportunity is also provided for research support and administrative functions, because these are also important to the overall institutional capacity-building. ICRISAT welcomes applications for these attachments from national scientists (Research Fellows) as well as from students carrying out their student project work (Apprentices).

The joint research project agenda is described in detail in each year's revised medium-term plan, available on the Internet or by writing to ICRISAT.

The length of the joint project attachment is variable depending on the task and objectives of the participant. Interested partners are invited to contact the respective Project Coordinator for the area of interest to explore opportunities. Names of Coordinators can be provided either by contacting ICRISAT directly, or by checking our Internet website: www.icrisat.org.

Specialized Skill Courses

Courses on new cutting-edge technologies, research methodologies, or other emerging topics are held from time to time as ICRISAT acquires the relevant expertise. By gaining these skills, national partners are better able to contribute at the front lines of the shared research-for-development agenda. Announcements of these courses will be sent to national institutions well in advance, allowing them ample time to seek support for their participation.

Prerequisites to get enrolled:

Admission Requirements

  • Nomination by an organization, University, or institution working or having an interest in the SAT. Recommendations of sponsoring agencies are evaluated according to study opportunities at ICRISAT locations.

  • Requisite academic background, experience, and performance records. Willingness to conduct laboratory or field-based research in areas compatible with ICRISAT/NARS shared research agenda.

  • An identified source of funding for the program.

Nomination and Sponsoring Agency

Candidates are ordinarily nominated and sponsored by their employer or university, however, participants may seek sponsorship from a funding institution. Financial sponsors provide funds for

  • Travel fares and transit allowances to and from the ICRISAT location. Maintenance allowance for food and personal expenses. Room, medical insurance, research costs, and other expenses.

  • Course fees where applicable.

Even if you do not have a sponsor or a nominating agency, you should be able to write to us. We will look for the best way to find you a mentor and affiliation.

Depending upon where you are located, you can write to various offices of ICRISAT. The main facilitating contact is the Coordinator of the LSU located in Patancheru (Hyderabad) in India.

Learning Systems Unit
ICRISAT, Patancheru
PO 502 324
Andhra Pradesh, India
Email: .

You are welcome to write the Regional Directorates in Sub Saharan Africa if you prefer to do your work in any of the laboratories or field stations there.

For Eastern and Southern Africa:

Regional Director for ESA
PO. Box 39063
Nairobi, Kenya

For Western and Central Africa:

Regional Director for WCA
BP. 12404

Learning Materials

ICRISAT has built capacity among advanced learners under a program for skills development. These were developed in the print format. You can access the outline here. They will shortly be available in PDF as well.

Materials from a number of basic training modules are available online

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