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    Director Generals Letter What ICRISAT Thinks

Director General's Letter: What ICRISAT Thinks (WIT)

Issue date Issue name .pdf
March 2010 Empowering Smallholders
February 2010 Why Invest in Drylands ?
December 2009 Adapting to Climate Change: Hypothesis of Hope
August 2008 Overcoming Policy Bias against Dryland Agriculture
May 2008 Battling Rising Food Prices with Productivity-Boosting Science
October 2007 Dryland Development Pathways
July 2007  Safe and Healthy Dryland Food
May 2007 Hope from High - Value Crops
April 2007 Defeating Dryland Risk
October 2006 Climate Change: Back to the Future
September 2006 Biofuel Crops: Power to the Poor
June 2006   Don't Desert Drylands!
March 2006 Crop diversification in the drylands
December 2005 Invigorating African seed systems
September 2005 Niger's hunger crisis

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