16) Developing a Road Map to the Future of the Semi-Arid Tropics (August 2000)

A delegation of Karnataka State Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) Committee o n Public Accounts described ICRISAT's work as "wonderful" and "a boon to farmers", on their visit to the Institute on 5 August 2000. The 14-member delegation had come to Hyderabad specifically to visit ICRISAT and get a first hand-view of its research activities.

"We have come to see how ICRISAT can benefit our farmers who are the backbone of our State", said Mr Araga Jnanendra, Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee. Welcoming the delegation on behalf of ICRISAT Management,
Dr R Ortiz, Director of ICRISAT's Genetic Resources and Enhancement Program stated, "We are very happy that you have decided to visit ICRISAT. Our aim is to improve the agricultural productivity of the semi-arid tropics, with a focus on science with a human face."

Senior ICRISAT scientists accompanied the delegation on a tour of the ICRISAT's Gene Bank and experimental fields, showing a sample of the most promising technologies developed by the Institute, some of which have been widely adopted by smallholder farmers. Appreciating the watershed management project, the visitors said that they would urge the concerned officials in Karnataka State to get in touch with ICRISAT.

The delegation was very keen that ICRISAT's research on integrated nutrition management and integrated pest management should be widely disseminated among farmers. "These technologies will help reduce the indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are polluting the atmosphere and endangering our health," said Mr Chandrakant Bellad.

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