Training Course on Field Trial & QTL Analysis using R & R/QTL
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Biometrics Unit, ICRISAT, Patancheru, India ( in collaboration with Professor Karl W Broman from the Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Wisconsin, United States (, Dr. T. Nepolean from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India ( is organizing a training course on R and R/QTL.

Targeted Audiences

This course is designed specifically for researchers and students from the fields of plant breeding, molecular biology, agricultural biotechnology and bioinformatics and biometrics. During the course participants will learn phenotypic and genotypic data analysis including linear and mixed models in experimental designs, generation of BLUPs, genetic linkage map construction and QTL mapping using the freely available, robust and versatile statistical computing software platform “R” (

Course Details

The course will be mainly divided into three modules. First module will focus on “R software" including installation, data management in “R” environment, basic programing and graphics. Second module will be focused on phenotypic data analysis. This module will cover understanding of field/lab experimental designs (CRD, RCBD, IBDs, Lattice and etc.) including data cleaning, outlier detection and various other requirements of proper statistical analysis. An introduction to linear models and their use in analysis of experimental designs will be demonstrated. Participants will also learn defining linear models for different types of experimental designs. We shall also introduce concept of mixed models and their analysis by using R software. Third module will be focused on QTL analysis. The key idea in QTL mapping is to obtain phenotypic data from a backcross or intercross population and then identify molecular markers in the genome associated with the phenotype. Cleaning of genotypic data, single marker regression, Simple & Composite Interval Mapping & Multiple QTL Mapping will be covered using R/QTL software (
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Registration Options:

To register please send your CV to Ms. B. Manjula ( for screening. Once you receive confirmation, based on your preference of mode of payment, you can use either of these options.

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*Registration will be done on first-come basis till a max of 20 participants

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