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About Project:

   In India, out of 142 million ha of arable lands, 60% (5.2 million ha) is rainfed. Karnataka has the second largest area under rainfed agriculture after Rajasthan in the country. Crop yields in dryland areas are quite low (1-1.5 t ha-1) which are lower by two to five folds of the yield from researchers managed plots. Current rainwater use efficiency in dryland agriculture varies between 35-45% and vast potential of rainfed agriculture could be unlocked by using available scientific technologies including improved cultivars. The vast opportunities existing in dryland areas can be harnessed for improving rural livelihoods. Read more...


     Government of Karnataka

Research Partners

  •  Department of Agriculture, Government of Karnataka.
  •  Watershed Development Department, Government of Karnataka.
  •  University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore
  •  University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad
  •  University of Agricultural Sciences, Raichur
  •  Community-Based Organizations (CBOs):

  •      Watersheds Committees, User groups and Watershed Associations.

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