Global research themes  GT-Agro-ecosystems development Climate Change in the SAT

ICRISAT's Climate Risk Management Proof of Concept Projects.
(The Lead Center ( LC) is identified.)

“Providing climate-based decision support for farmers and agricultural concession companies in Mozambique ” Funding agent: PROAGRI-MINAG (World Bank) 2007: The potential of climate-based decision support systems demonstrated to agricultural concession companies in Mozambique . ICRISAT (LC), Reading Univ. , Mozambique Leaf Tobacco, DPA, IIAM, EMPRENDA Alliance , USEBA, SNS and Mozambique Met. Service
“Fertilizer recommendations and policy for smallholder farmers of southern Africa .”

Funding agent : ACIAR
2008: The usefulness of climate driven simulation models (APSIM) in defining climate induced risk in fertilizer use both demonstrated and promoted to farmers and financial institutions in the Limpopo Province , South Africa . ICRISAT (LC), Land Bank of South Africa , Bankers Association of South Africa
“Making the best of climate: Adapting agriculture to climate variability” Funding agent: EU

through ASARECA CGS.
2008: Innovative strategies for enhancing mitigation of, recovery from, and resilience to climate induced crisis affecting smallholder farmers in the SAT of Kenya, Madagascar and Ethiopia available to farmers and their support agents. ICRISAT, IRI

“ An aflatoxin risk early warning system to improve nutrition, health and income in west African smallholder farms.” Funding agent: CIDA/CCLF 2009: A climate-based aflatoxin risk early warning system developed to improve the nutrition, health and income of West African smallholder farmers. ICRISAT (LC), AGRHYMET

IER-Mali, SARI-Ghana, Univ. of Sherbrooke and Uiv Florida
“Legume diversification in tobacco systems. Climate risk and market opportunities” Funding agent: IDRC – Research in Tobacco Control.

2009: The capacity of the National Smallholder Farmers' Association of Malawi (NASFAM) to use climate risk analyses to evaluate and target legume diversification strategies in tobacco producing systems in Malawi enhanced.

ICRISAT, Reading University

NASFAM (LC), Malawi Met. Services
“Building adaptive capacity to cope with increasing vulnerability due to climate change” Funding agent: IDRC/DfID CCAA. 2009: Educational, research and extension competencies to develop strategies that help rural communities adapt to climate variability and change enhanced in Zambia and Zimbabwe . ICRISAT, CIAT and ZMD
Midlands State University, (LC), CARE, Dunavant Cotton, CSIRO, AREX, ASP
“Managing uncertainty: Innovation systems for coping with climate variability and change” Funding agent: AfDB through ASARECA CGS. 2010: Coping with risks and realizing opportunities associated with climate variability and change enhanced through appropriate strategies and institutional innovation in Uganda , Sudan , and four other selected countries in ECA. ICRISAT (LC), CIAT, ICRAF, Reading Univ.

ASARECA Networks, ILRI, ARC-Sudan, NARO-Uganda
“Clues from landraces: Positioning local knowledge on plant management of climate uncertainty at the heart of adaptive agricultural strategies” Funding agent: IDRC/DfID CCAA 2011: The capital value of specific locally preserved landrace adaptation traits for the definition of sound adaptive strategies in variable climate demonstrated in Ghana , Mali , and Niger . ICRISAT-Mali (LC) ,
“Managing risk, reducing vulnerability and enhancing productivity under a changing climate” Funding agent: IDRC/DfID CCAA. 2012: The impacts of climate induced crises mitigated and resilience improved through the adoption, by small-scale farmers, of innovative strategies that reduce climate risk and manage vulnerability in Tanzania , Kenya , Ethiopia , Eritrea and Sudan . ICRISAT, ASARECA-SWMNet.

Sokoine University of Agriculture , Tanzania (LC)
“Vulnerability to climate change: Adaptation strategies and layers of resilience ” Funding agent: ADB 2012: Provide science-based solutions and pro-poor approaches for adaptation of agricultural systems to climate change for the rural poor and most vulnerable farmers in semi-arid regions of Asia, specifically India , Peoples' Republic of China (PRC), Sri Lanka , Bangladesh , and Pakistan . ICRISAT (LC), CRIDA in India ; Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences in PRC; Center for Policy Dialogue in Bangladesh ; CARP in Sri Lanka ; Pakistan Agricultural Research Council and CLAN
Community management of crop diversity to enhance resilience, yield stability and income generation in changing West African climates Funding Agent: BMZ 2012: To enhance farm community resilience, production stability and income generation in West Africa ( Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali and Ghana ) under variable and changing climates by enriching agro-biodiversity management across a climatic gradient. ICRISAT (LC) ,Univ. of Hohenheim, farmers organizations and NGOs, IER, Mali; INERA, Burkina Faso; INRAN, AGRHYMET, Niger; SARI, Ghana

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