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Millets can lower risk of type-2 diabetes and help manage blood glucose levels: Study

The study shows that diabetic people who consumed millets as part of their daily diet saw their blood glucose levels drop 12-15% and blood glucose levels went from diabetic to pre-diabetes levels Read more

Asia-Pacific institutions hold regional consultation on forgotten foods

Asia-Pacific regional manifesto on forgotten foods is expected to create new opportunities for transforming local, regional, and global paradigms to enhance crop diversity and create new pathways for smallholder farmers Read more

Telangana minister inaugurates women-led food processing units in Bhadrachalam and Khammam

These food processing units are the third successful collaboration between the Government of Telangana, Government of India’s Ministry of Tribal Affairs and ICRISAT’s Agribusiness and Innovation Platform Read more

‘Unless consumers demand food produced in ways good for the environment, farmers have little incentive to adopt technologies’

Agri-research organisation, International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics, has been working on improving agricultural productivity, reducing malnutrition and environmental degradation in dryland tropics. ICRISAT director general Jacqueline d’Arros Hughes spoke to Swati Rathor about the future of agriculture Read more

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Global press clippings  

Scientist says Kenya needs paradigm policy shift to consumption of own crops Coastweek-25-Jul-2018
Nucleus Vision to bring blockchain benefits to farmers via ICRISAT partnership EconoTimes-24-Jul-2018
Eco-Friendly Plastic From Jowar? ICRISAT Scientists Are Making It a Reality Soon! The better India-24-Jul-2018
A Spoonful of Change The Indian Express-24-Jul-2018
Bio-fortification: Has India found a new solution to help tackle its double burden of malnutrition? Nutra Ingredients-24-Jul-2018
Seed-producing cooperatives improve access to quality seeds in West and Central Africa. BusinessGhana-21-Jul-2018
The future of plastic? Scientists explore bioplastics from sorghum Mongabay-18-Jul-2018
How A Bit Of Imagination And Community Support Can Solve Maharashtra’s Water Problem Bloomberg-14-Jul-2018
Climate change may reduce rabi and kharif crop earnings by up to 13.7% and 5.5%; farmers left to their own resources to cope Bloomberg-14-Jul-2018
climate change crisis why fatuhi khera in punjab changed from cotton to rice IndiaSpend-14-Jul-2018
From kites to ferris wheel—how rural Wiefang became a smart city BusinessMirror-14-Jul-2018
How Punjab’s farmers are changing strategy to cope with climate change Business Standard-14-Jul-2018
Saving the seed: A bank that secures the future of agriculture Mongabay-12-Jul-2018
CSR: Fighting Malnutrition Among Farmers The CSR Journal-11-Jul-2018
As millets come back in vogue, an Indian university launches country’s first ‘biofortified sorghum’ Scroll-11-Jul-2018
Integrating institutional enabling factors can provide a new avenue to scaling up climate-smart agriculture CGIAR-10-Jul-2018
Hyderabad-based drone tech company is on a mission to make farmers lives easier Yourstory-09-Jul-2018
Seeding agricultural growth: Optimal support goes beyond MSP Finanical Express-05-Jul-2018
India gets its first biofortified sorghum The Hindu Businessline-05-Jul-2018
Walmart Foundation Invests Nearly $2m In Farming Initiative ESM-04-Jul-2018
Drier wells in Deccan Plateau would deepen farm distress India Climate Dialogue-04-Jul-2018
Icrisat to release India’s first biofortified jowar with more iron, zinc Times of India-03-Jul-2018
Smarter Mid-day Meals in Bengaluru Schools Foodtank-05-Jul-2018
Five ways AI is building a better, brighter future for Asia Dhaka Tribune-02-Jul-2018
Two Non-Profits Bring Smart Food Meals to Bengaluru Schools Foodtank-02-Jul-2018
Green grams glut exposes flaws in the local market Daily Nation-30-Jun-2018
How new technologies can raise farm productivity QRIUS-30-Jun-2018
Du millet enrichi au fer peut aider à combattre l’anémie SciDevNet -29-Jun-2018
Tech transformation: how agriculture is being redefined through digital innovation and startups YOURSTORY-29-Jun-2018
5 Ways AI Is Building A Better, Brighter Future For Asia Page One-28-Jun-2018
Walmart Foundation invests $2 million in Icrisat project The Economic Times-27-Jun-2018
5 Ways AI Is Building A Better, Brighter Future For Asia Manilla Bulletin-26-Jun-2018
Farmers staring at losses after India shuts door to ‘ndengu’ Daily Nation-24-Jun-2018
Interested in agribusiness? Apply now for this start-up training Agriculture post-18-Jun-2018
How India is carving out a niche for itself in the field of Artificial Intelligence economictimes-17-Jun-2018
New paddy variety bursts onto East Godavari Agency scene thehindu-16-Jun-2018
Orphan no more: Genomic boost to chickpea yield, climate resilience Mongabay-13-Jun-2018
Empowering Kenyan Women with Nutrition Education Food Tank-11-Jun-2018
#AIforAll: How India wants to turn an elitist technology to serve the masses Factor Daily-11-Jun-2018
Gitam for research in basic & emerging Science The Hans India-10-Jun-2018
Farmers select their ‘seed of choice’ in FAO’s first-ever seed fair in northeastern Nigeria Relief Web-08-Jun-2018
Africa’s first biofortified pearl millet, chakti, aims to combat anaemia FnbNews-07-Jun-2018
The Pigeon Pea Economy and Indo-African relations  Devdi source-07-Jun-2018
CARRHURE successfully filled the Global Head of Breeding, ICRISAT PRLOG-06-Jun-2018
Explained: Why Artificial Intelligence will drive future growth and inclusion Financia lex press-06-Jun-2018
Farmers Select Their ‘Seed Of Choice’ In FAO’s First-Ever Seed Fair In Northeastern Nigeria The Eagle Online-06-Jun-2018
Foundation seed for small grains on the cards Zbc-05-Jun-2018
In Brief This Week: Agilent, Quidel, Genomind, and More Genome Web-01-Jun-2018
PH doing badly vs climate change Manila times-01-Jun-2018
‘Smart crops’ replacing rice as Asian wealth and health grow Japan Times-01-Jun-2018
A Social Media Solution for Sharing Healthy Smart Food Recipes Food Tank-21-May-2018
As Asians get healthy, ‘smart crops’ replace rice on menus Reuters-21-May-2018
Why seed conservation and genebanks are crucial for maintaining biodiversity Trust-18-May-2018
PH doing badly vs climate change Manilatimes-18-May-2018
Indian materials of chickpea have high productive potential in Brazil Noticiasagricolas-11-May-2018
800 Participants Link Technology to Impact at ICT4D In Lusaka, Zambia reliefweb-10-May-2018
Cooking Show proves Smart Foods can be Tasty, Healthy, and Fun Food Tank-07-May-2018
How ALC India is transforming the lives of marginalized communities in informal sector through training and micro entrepreneurship National Skills Network-30-Apr-2018
MSP for Jowar: At 150% of cost, it will distort market price Financial Express-16-Apr-2018
Public health breakthrough: US and Indian scientists work together on genetic solutions to food toxins Genetic Literacy Project-20-Apr-2018
Wells and Well-being in South India Economic&Political Weekly-27-Apr-2018
Research institutions urged to unlock agriculture’s full potential Chronicle-27-Apr-2018
Postharvest losses: Curse to African farming SciDevNet-30-Apr-2018
Corteva Agriscience e Icrisat compartirán tecnologías avanzadas de mejora genética Interempresas-30-Apr-2018
Zimbabwe: Shiri Calls for Teamwork allAfrica-28-Apr-2018
TN may tap PPP or JV model for ₹400-cr agri supply chain project The Hindu-27-Apr-2018
Irish Aid happy with pace of food diversification in Malawi Nyasa Times-25-Apr-2018
Odisha agri dept, Icrisat launch Bhoochetana, a farm-support initiative FnBnews-25-Apr-2018
Shift to coarse grains from rice for healthy, environment-friendly diet: Study Mongabay-25-Apr-2018
The Environment is our Economy” Food Tank-24-Apr-2018
UI VC urges FG, plant protectionists to collaborate on economy, food security Sundiata Post-27-Apr-2018
For Earth Day, Eat as if the Planet Mattered Yes Magazine-22-Apr-2018
CRISPR FOR DOWDUPONT Riso Italiano-19-Apr-2018
10th ICT4D Conference to be held in Lusaka, Zambia from May 8-11 geospatialworld-18-Apr-2018
Tenth ICT4D Conference to focus on Impact for the humanitarian development sector, takes places in Lusaka, Zambia, May 8-10. reliefweb-18-Apr-2018
Women in blue use smart foods to fight malnutrition in rural India Thomson Reuters-09-Apr-2018
Why We Must Protect Traditional Grains and Foods Green Watch-05-Apr-2018
Why we must protect traditional grains and foods Imperial Valley News-05-Apr-2018
Millets and Sorghum: Forgotten Foods for the Future Daily Meal-05-Apr-2018
Millets and Sorghum: Forgotten Foods for the Future Food Tank-04-Apr-2018
With few scientists, PH lacks readiness for growth Manila Times-29-Mar-2018
Changing How Plants Grow Farm Journal Media-29-Mar-2018
Sustainable agriculture: How tech can help tackle hunger Standard Digital-28-Mar-2018
Stakeholders Review Tropical Legumes Project Modern Ghana-25-Mar-2018
Svalbard Global Seed Vault: the seeds of our future Live Mint-23-Mar-2018
Site-specific nutrient management can double grain yields contributing to food security Africa Rising-21-Mar-2018
Tackling Water Stress in the Face of Climate Change World View-17-Mar-2018
2520 Kano, Jigawa farmers to benefit from ATASP-1 Daily Trust-14-Mar-2018
Genetic Modification of Toxic Peanuts Koran-Jakarta-13-Mar-2018
FG To Upgrade Local Farmers Status To Mechanised Farming National Accord-09-Mar-2018
Agriculture at the time of AI Tiasang (Germany)-27-Feb-2018
Empowering LGUs for agriculture Manila Times-16-Feb-2018
Wild crops could save chickpeas from being blitzed, scientists say Reuters-15-Feb-2018
Empowering LGUs for agriculture The Manila Times-15-Feb-2018
Nigeria: Govt May Adopt Digital Tech to Reach Small-Scale Farmers
Small grains bring smiles to Binga farmers Chronicle-30-Jan-2018
Why invest more in R&D The Manila Times-25-Jan-2018
Mali: Achieving Better Nutrition, One Cookery Class At a Time
Demand-driven Innovation for the Drylands to “deliver better nutrition for you and economic opportunity for smallholder farmers” (UNCCD) (02-Feb-2018)
Scientists develop first-ever oleic acid-rich peanut (Down To Earth Magazine) (blog) (22-Jan-2018)
Demand-driven Innovation for the Drylands to “deliver better nutrition for you and economic opportunity for smallholder farmers”  (Foodtank: The think tank for food) (22-Jan-2018)
Mother-to-mother training in Malawi helps battle child malnutrition Reuters-19-Jan-2018
‘Learning by doing’ helps mothers tackle under-nutrition in Malawi – Showing significant improvements in just 3 weeks  ReliefWeb- 18-Jan-2018
Achieving better nutrition, one cookery class at a time Thomson Reuters Foundation-16-Jan-2018
Hidden threat to health Phys.Org-02-Jan-2018

National press clippings

Biofortification: Providing lifeline to Nigeria’s malnutrition  (30 May 2018) (Business Day Online)
Chickpea and pigeonpea reference genome data assembled  (30 May 2018) (Deccan Herald)
Promotion of small grains pays dividends for farmers  (30 May 2018) (Chronicle)
Soil well being scheme for farmers in Odisha to profit four.35 million farmers in 30 districts  (30 May 2018) (Derby news journal)
Climate-proofing Indian agriculture  (28 May 2018) (Times of India)
Food Tank Readers Share Their Climate Change Solutions  (28 May 2018) (Food Think Tank)
Hyderabad-based Icrisat, KeyGene sign pact that will benefit farmers in Asia and Africa  (28 May 2018) (Times of India)
Spatio-temporal Variations of Crop Diversification  (26 May 2018) (EPW)
18 months on, work on ethanol plant yet to start  (25 May 2018) (Tribune)
Workshop on climate change kicks off in Mahabubnagar  (22 May 2018) (Telanganatoday)
Can Big Data Analytics Help Bridge The Economic Inequality In India?  (21 May 2018) (Analyticsindiamag)
ICRISAT Eligible for Excise Duty Exemption: CESTAT  (17 May 2018) (Taxscan)
Why India needs AI to work for agriculture, healthcare and education  (16 May 2018) (Financialexpress)
Microsoft using drone images and AI to help farmers improve farm yields  (14 May 2018) (CIOL)
IITA says “Seeds of Renaissance’’ initiative well-accepted by farmers  (09 May 2018) (Sundiatapost)
Nucleus Vision partners with ICRISAT to bring transparency to food and crop supply chain  (09 May 2018) (Medium)
Proceedings of an ACIAR/ICRISAT collaborative research planning meeting  (06 May 2018) (Agecon)
DBT in fertilizers: Game changing reforms  (04 May 2018) (Times of India)
Millet champions urge Govt of India to launch National Millet Mission (19 April 2018) (Fnb News)
#EarthDay2018: Eating as if the Planet Mattered (18 April 2018)  (Foodtank)
‘Contour bunding’ preserves soils and boosts farmers’ incomes by 20% in Mali (13 April 2018)  (Imperial Valley News)
Fighting Climate Change on the Farm (13 April 2018)  (Imperial Valley News)
Icrisat to get access to cutting edge technologies from Corteva (12 April 2018)  (Times of India)
Fighting Climate Change on the Farm: Share Your Stories! (11 April 2018)  (Food Tank)
ICRISAT to replicate Karntaka’s Bhoochetana in Odisha (09 April 2018)  (Hindu Buisness line)
Climate and food security~II (11 April 2018)  (The States man)
Scientific Institutions – Research (08 April 2018)  (Namasta Telangana)
Water dispensing centres launched (07 April 2018)  (Hans India)
How Microsoft Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Fight Climate Change (06 April 2018)  (Nasdaq)
Tackling climate change through capacity-building (04 April 2018)  (The Hindu)
UP govt gives nod to ordinance regulating private school fee (04 April 2018) (Indian Express)
EPTRI launches initiative to enhance knowledge on climate issues (04 April 2018) (Telangana Today)
State government linked fee structure of schools with consumer price index (04 April 2018) (Daily Pioneer)
UP cabinet decides: schools will not be able to raise arbitrarily every year (03 April 2018) (One India)
UP to bring ordinance to regulate fee in private schools and colleges (03 April 2018) (Web India 123)
Tackling climate change through capacity-building (03 April 2018) (The Hindu)
Reducing Plastic Waste: Could Edible Cutlery Be The Answer? (03 April 2018) (World Atlas)
Agri startups get T-Hub push  (15 March 2018)  (Telanagana Today)
This online marketplace connects CSR initiatives, incubators and startups – Anil Misquith, Samhita Social Ventures  (09 March 2018)  (Your Story)
Ethiopia to adopt Telangana irrigation model  (09 March 2018) (Telangana Today)
‘Organic farming is the gateway for healthy living’  (06 March 2018) (The Hindu)
State focussing on improving quality of seeds: Somireddy (28 February 2018)  (The Hindu)
LGUs, DA should partner to better steer, row extension service–Dar (28 February 2018)  (Business mirror)
Sustainable biofuels (27 February 2018)  (The Hans India)
Pals Agri eConnect raises $5 million (27 February 2018)  (Telangana Today)
ICRISAT scientist receives global award (24 February 2018)  (The Hindu)
Can agri-tech sow a green revolution for India’s poorest farmers? (22 February 2018)  (Ethical Corp)
Maharashtra govt, ICRISAT-led consortium ink MoU for Vidarbha agri devpt (21 February 2018)  (Fnb News)
ICRISAT to give nutritional supplements to the anemic (21 February 2018)  (Hans India)
Maharashtra signs MoU with ICRISAT (19 February 2018)  (The Hindu)
Govt. to ink pact with ICRISAT to promote organic farming (18 February 2018)  (The Hindu)
ICRISAT to set up soil fertility development centre in (17 February 2018)  (Outlook India)
Switch to modern methods for high yield, farmers told (14 February 2018)  (The Hindu)
Groundnut farmers to get MSP in Wanaparthy (09 February 2018)  (The Hans India)
Agriculture Policy: An actionable strategy to make doubling of farmers’ income possible (08 February 2018)  (Indian Express)
What Modi must do to double farmer’s income; 6 strategies to follow by 2022 (08 February 2018)  (Financial Express)
Caution sounded on ICRISAT jowar varieties (07 February 2018)  (The Hindu)
Telangana aims to step up breeder seed production (06 February 2018)  (The Hindu)
Vegetable grafting will help in increasing yield: ICRISAT (04 February 2018)  (Indian Express)
Small grains bring smiles to Binga farmers  (31 January 2018)  (Chronicle)
Demand-driven Innovation for the Drylands to “deliver better nutrition for you and economic opportunity for smallholder farmers”  (29 January 2018)  (Foodtank)
Why invest more in R&D  (26 January 2018)  (Manilatimes)
India & Ghana – Exploring Synergies in Digital Agriculture  (23 January 2018)  (Youtube)
Leading companies source peanuts from India(23 January 2018)  (Deccan Chronicle)
Scientists develop first-ever oleic acid-rich peanut  (22 January 2018)  (Down to Earth)
Access to quality seeds: the example of local seed ventures in Malawi  (22 January 2018)  (Private Blog)
‘Whopping 60 per cent of Hyderabad’s water bodies disappeared in last 10 years’, says new study  (22 January 2018)  (Indian Express)
Karnataka pushes millets as smart food at trade fair  (21 January 2018)  (Daiji world)
ICRISAT develops oleic-rich peanut  (20 January 2018)  (Telangana Today)
Icrisat develops constructed wetlands, a new technique to treat sewage in Telangana  (20 January 2018) (The New Indian express)
Millets make it to midday meals, will enhance nutritional intake  (13 January 2018) (Times of India)
Millets to be part of mid-day meals menu  (13 January 2018) (The Hindu)
Millets make their presence felt on mid-day meal plates  (12 January 2018) (The Hindu Businessline)
Icrisat finds way to combat aflatoxins in groundnuts  (08 January 2018) (The Hindu Businessline)
ICRISAT’s iHub getting international attention  (04 January 2018) (Telangana Today)


Global press clippings

Can developing market opportunities for dryland cereals and legumes support uptake of quality seed?  (11 December 2017) (Thomson Reuters Foundation News)
Weeding out striga from African drylands  (10 December 2017) (Thomson Reuters Foundation News)
Could restoring degraded lands cut down on labour migration in Niger?  (16 October 2017) (Thomson Reuters Foundation News)
Farmers in East Africa on the move beyond subsistence farming  (13 October 2017) (Thomson Reuters Foundation News)
Pearl millet genes hold key to climate-proof cereals  (13 October 2017) (
 Le mil, le sorgho et les légumineuses à grains sont des smartfood! – ICRISAT  (12 October 2017) ICRISAT Scientists Use Double-defense Biotech Approach to Produce Aflatoxin-free Peanuts  (Aistoucuisine) (11 October 2017) (ISAAA)
Why groundnut is a must in one’s diet (22 September 2017) (Daily trust)
Indian and French scientists decode pearl millet genome with positive implication for food security  (21 September 2017) (French science India)
ICRISAT introduces new groundnut varieties in northern Ghana  (09 September 2017) (Ghana news agency)
Sprouting Grains for Stronger Bones: The Power of Finger Millet  (05 September 2017) (Farming first)
The Untold Story ofICRISAT’s genebank(31 Aug 2017)(Chronicle)
How Safe Treatment Of Wastewater Can Boost Agriculture(31 Aug 2017)(THE HUFFINGTON POST)
GOBII initiative bridges plant breeding digital divide (30 Aug 2017)(BTI)
Savvy sowing for Indian monsoon-dependent farmers (29 Aug 2017)(Thomson Reuters Foundation)
Civil Society Groups Reject IITA’s Plan to Grow Genetically Modified Cassava (28 Aug 2017)(The Guardian)
African smallholders can double their yields with half the water (25 Aug 2017)(Thomson Reuters Foundation)
India remains an agricultural giant with clay feet(13 Aug 2017)(LesEchos)
From farm to tablet – how technology can help agriculture(10 Aug 2017)(NASDAQ)
Crawford fund conf 2017 quotes, David’s quote on SDGs at number 6(09 Aug 2017)(AgriEducate)
Cropping season inputs istribution in full swing (05 Aug 2017)(Chronicle)
Four new sorghum varieties developed at ICRISAT Nairobi fast-tracked to release in Uganda (04 Aug 2017)(SeedQuest)
Government of Telangana adopts Microsoft Cloud and becomes the first state to use Artificial Intelligence for eye care screening for children(03 Aug 2017)(MICROSOFT)
Sustainable soil and land management (28 July 2017) (The Manila Times)
CBN to Resuscitate Moribund Industries in Kano State (25 July 017) (The Guardian, Nigeria)
Four new food products that are disrupting traditional supply chains (24 July 2017) (Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution)
Millet and sorghum – the Smart Food (19 July 2017) (ACIAR blog)
Microsoft launches AI for Earth to give $2M in services to environmental projects (12 July 2017) (TechCrunch)
Ethiopia learning alliance to support sustainable agricultural intensification (19 July 2017) (Africa Rising)
That thing called Bhoochetana  (7 July 2017) (The Manila Times)
9 ways the private sector can use water more efficiently (27 June 2017) (The Guardian)
AfDB’s Akinwumi Adesina named 2017 World Food Prize Laureate (26 June 2017) (CNBC Africa)
Climate change and water security (23 June 2017) (The Manila Times)
To fight desertification we need to drive diversity on farms and plates (20 June 2017) (Thomson Reuters Foundation News):
Experts urge policy reforms to strengthen resilience of Africa’s agriculture (14 June 2017) (Xinhua News)
Agriculture’s water problems can become too big (9 June 2017) (The Manila Times)
Smart Food for a Global Population, an Interview with Joanna Kane-Potaka (1 June 2017) (Food Tank)
Pigeonpea breakthrough could ease global food security (25 May 2017) (The West Australian)
Shallow wells cushion smallholders in Mali and Ghana from the effects of climate variability  (21 Apr 2017) (Africa Rising blog)
ICRISAT encourages modern agriculture (20 Apr 2017) (The Times, Malawi)
Stewards for the environment: A look at 4 Microsoft employees making a difference
 (18 Apr 2017) (Microsoft News Centre)
ICRISAT and HarvestPlus named as LAUNCH Food Innovators  (7 Apr 2017) (CGIAR blog)
Innovation and agriculture (31 Mar 2017) (The Manila Times)
Satellite imagery technology for better agricultural practices in Mali (22 Mar 2017) (CCAFS 22 CGIAR blog)
Climate smart agriculture: William D Dar (10 Mar 2017) (The Manila Times)
ICRISAT calls for seed regulation (9 Mar 2017) (The Times, Malawi)
Smart food show to promote healthier lifestyle in Kenya (3 Mar 2017) (Thomson Reuters Foundation News)
‘Young Scientist Award’ winner fights hunger with high zinc wheat (2 Mar 2017) (Thomson Reuters Foundation News)
For all of us – The Yewol mountains of Ethiopia (21 Feb 2017) (People Food and Nature blog)
Agribiz centre named after William Dar (23 Feb 2017) (Philippine News)
Water, water everywhere (but little for irrigation) (12 Feb 2017) (The Manila Times)
A Forgotten Group Of Grains Might Help Indian Farmers – And Improve Diets, Too (9 Feb 2017) (NPR)
How this German startup is going all out to help the Indian farmer (9 Feb 2017) (YourStory)
Smart crops in Lower Eastern defy drought (7 Feb 2017) (Media max)
Smart Food gets global recognition for innovation (2 Feb 2017) (Rural Marketing Magazine)
From seeds to markets, maize alternatives face challenges in Zimbabwe (31 Jan 2017) (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
Climate change and sustainable farming: one way to address world hunger (24 Jan 2017) (Deseret  news)

National press clippings

How Safe Treatment Of Wastewater Can Boost Agriculture  (31 August 2017) (Huffington post)
Hyderabad creating ecosystem for startups to scale (27 Aug 2017)(Telangana Today)
Australia to help India become a pulse-processing hub (27 Aug 2017)(TheHindu)
Nutrient food kits to nursing mothers(24 Aug 2017)(The Hansindia)
Agritex next Month(24 Aug 2017)(The Hansindia)
MSSRF press release(09 Aug 2017)(MSSRF)
Bonalu of Telangana through lens (06 Aug 2017)(DECCANHERALD)
Minister calls for reviving forgotten crops
 (26 July 2017) (Deccan Herald)
Neeranchal project aims to enhance crop yield  (16 July 2017)  (Deccan Chronicle)
Agri-Business Incubator, ICRISAT (16 July 2017) (The Times of India)
Nuziveedu Seeds to focus on core seed business (14 July 2017) (The Hindu Business Line)
Nutri-food to mitigate malnutrition among tribals in Telangana (26 June 2017) (The Hans India)
A water lesson from ICRISAT (4 June 2017) (The Hans India)
Three big budget programmes mainstay of TS govt (3 June 2017) (The Hindu)
Mobile app to help farmers stave off crop losses (26 May 2017) (The Hans India)
Scientists look to develop better varieties of tur dal (22 May 2017) (Outlook India)
HPCL to set up Rs 600-crore bio-ethanol unit in Bathinda (17 May 2017) (The Tribune)
Big data analysis to guide farmers (16 May 2017) (The Hindu)
New mobile app for farmers to identify crop damage (15 May 2017) (LiveMint)
Hacking for Farmers in Hyderabad at ICT4D Data Jam (4 May 2017) (Telangana Today)
ICT4D Data Jam to hack solutions for agriculture (3 May 2017) (Business Standard)
New mobile app for farmers to identify crop damage (15 May 2017) (LiveMint)
Hacking for Farmers in Hyderabad at ICT4D Data Jam (4 May 2017) (Telangana Today)
ICT4D Data Jam to hack solutions for agriculture (3 May 2017) (Business Standard)
Sowing The Seeds Of Change For Digital Farming (17 Apr 2017) (Huffington Post India)
Smart crops on the anvil (24 Mar 2017) (The Hindu Business Line)
Project to tackle climate change (22 Mar 2017) (The Hindu)
I-Hub gets 3 startups (19 Mar 2017) (Telangana Today)
ICRISAT ICAR Join Hands for Crop Improvement (18 march 2017) (The Hindu)
Gates Foundation sharpens focus on increasing income of Indian farmers (16 Mar 2017) (Business Standard)
‘Science must help ryots tackle drought’ (26 Feb 2017) (The Hindu)
InterDrought-V calls for modern tech to combat drought (25 Feb 2017) (Telangana Today)
Be aware of water print of food you consume (24 Feb 2017) (The Hindu)
Hyderabad is hub for innovation: KTR (24 Feb 2017) (Telangana Today)
Data is new natural resource; need to be mindful of AI impact on jobs: Satya Nadella (21 Feb 2017) (Indian express)
I-Hub inaugurated at ICRISAT (14 Feb 2017) (The Hindu)
Microsoft and ICRISAT apply cloud technology for better yields in India ( 2 Feb 2017) (Rural21)
Digital agriculture empowers farmers (15 Jan 2017) (Business today)
Groundnut yield jumps 30% on use of digital farming practices (9 Jan 2017)
Sowing app helped in achieving higher crop yield, says ICRISAT (9 Jan 2017)


Global press clippings

An Upgraded 3,000-Year-Old Pea Could Ease India’s Inflation Problem (20 July 2016) (Bloomberg News)
First portable low-cost device developed for rapid detection of aflatoxins (16 July 2016) (UN FAO, Community of Practice on Food Loss Reduction)
Climate warming increases aflatoxin levels in crops (21 June 2016) (SciDev.Net)
New app promises to tell Indian farmers when to sow crops (17 June 2016) (The Wall Street Journal)
Scientists find a way to irrigate with wastewater (15 June 2016)  (One World, South Asia)
Allergy-free peanuts a step closer as researchers identify genetic code (03 June 2016) (ABC News)
Is this the start of a non-allergenic peanut? (02 June 2016) (The Sydney Morning Herald)
17 Farmer Heroes for Sustainability, Equality, and Defense of Traditions (17 May 2016) (The Food Tank)
Zimbabwean ‘wizard’ bewitches a bumper crop amid drought   (23 March 2016) (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
How a simple SIM card makes farmers more efficient—and possibly saves lives (20 March 2016) (Ars Technica)
John Hoffmire: The importance of environmental practices in poverty alleviation  (15 March 2016) (Deseret News)
Pulses Set Racing at Victoria Falls (03 March 2016) (THE HUFFINGTON POST)
Science: Not Just a Western Sector, It Can Help Africa Too  (20 January 2016) (Inter Press Service)
Chickpea genomes sequenced in India  (01 January 2016) (SciDevNet)

National press clippings

Madhya Pradesh plans to develop 1,100 ‘climate-smart’ villages (30 December 2016) (The Indian Express)
A watershed moment: dryland farmers adapt to climate change (19 Dec 2067) (India climate dialogue)
Team studying Cauvery basin hydrology to predict demand (Dec 8, 2016) (Bangalore mirror)
Biofortified pearl millet varieties to reduce iron, zinc deficiency (Comment: Special to IANS) (Oct 16 is World Food Day) (15 October 2016) (Business Standard)
Biofortified pearl millet varieties to reduce iron, zinc deficiency (15 October 2016) (Yahoo! News)
Hyderabad to host Asian Science Park Association conference  (14 October 2016) (The Hindu)
ASPA’s annual conference to begin in Hyderabad from Oct 19(12 October 2016) (India Today)
EPTRI, ICRISAT begin pilot study on climate change in agriculture (08 October 2016) (The Hindu)
Watershed management initiative gets best livelihoods award (01 October 2016) (Rural Marketing Magazine)
Award for CSR initiative on watershed (01 October 2016) (The Hindu)
ICRISAT scientist gets Bhatnagar award (28 September 2016) (The Hindu)
A smart village which runs on solar power (24 September 2016) (The New Indian Express)
Rural off-grid power will change the face of villages (24 September 2016) (The Hindu)
2,000 farmers share ideas on doubling their farm income (22 September 2016) (Rural Marketing Magazine)
AP’s ‘Rythu Kosam’ ropes in ICRISAT (14 September 2016) (The Hindu)
Karnataka reaping it rich, thanks to ICRISAT (28 August 2016) (The Hindu)
SAARC builds new partnership to help farmers in S Asia (25 August 2016) (The News Today, Bangladesh)
SAARC builds new partnership to help South Asia farmers (24 August 2016) (The New Age, Bangladesh)
SAARC-ICRISAT join hands to boost agricultural research in South Asia (24 August 2016) (The Times of India)
ICRISAT, IIMR, Karnataka govt to promote millets (20 August 2016) (Business Line)
Karnataka government launches scheme to increase farmers’ income by 20 per cent (03 August 2016) (The Economic Times)
Karnataka, ICRISAT launch Golden Agriculture Village Scheme (03 August 2016) (Rural Marketing Magazine)
Now, farmers can detect aflatoxins with this low-cost device (27 July 2016) (The Hindu)
Telangana farmers start soil health cards (19 July 2016) (The Times of India)
Coming soon: Cereals that use nitrogen better, pollute less (17 July 2016) (Business Line)
Scientists to develop new cereal varieties that check greenhouse gases (17 July 2016) (The Times of India)
India & UK partner to optimise use of nitrogen in cereal crops (17 July 2016) (CNBC, Money Control)
India, UK to research on crops with nature friendly genes (16 July 2016) (The Week Magazine)
Six South African youths complete agri-training programme  (07March 2016) (India Today)
South African youth trained to be future agri-preneurs  (08 March 2016) (The Hindu)
Nigeria: Sorghum With Higher Iron Content Hits Market  (03 March 2016) (Daily Trust, Nigeria)
The biggest challenge we face today is the attitude of people  (28 February 2016) (The Times of India)
Breakthrough may lead to peanut varieties with better pod and oil yield (27 February 2016) (Food & Beverage News)
Peanut had its origin in Bolivia: ICRISAT scientist part of groundnut gene sequencing  (23 February 2016) (The Times of India)
ICRISAT incubator plans Rs100 crore fund for agri start-ups  (19 February 2016) (Live Mint)
ICRISAT scientist bags award for water management   (19 February 2016) (The Hindu)
World CSR Day: ICRISAT wins two CSR awards for work on climate change and community development (19 February 2016)  (The Hans India)
Project to improve production of groundnut launched  (10 February 2016) (Graphic Online, Ghana)


Global press clippings   

Climate change and the continual demand for economic growth (14 December 2015) (Letters – The Guardian, UK)
Will a radical farming shift save drought-stricken Zimbabwe? A call for climate-smart action. (14 December 2015) (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
New campaign to promote traditional Kenyan food
(8 December 2015) (The STAR, Kenya)
Rajasthani women farmers combat climate change in the desert (26 Nov 2015) (The Third Pole, InterNews)
Women lead the way out of poverty in an Indian desert (19 Nov 2015) (Al-Jazeera International)
Malawi’s toxic harvest (16 October 2015) (SciDev.Net)
Could pigeonpea be a life changer for Malawi’s drought-stricken farmers?  (09 October 2015) (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
Malawi’s young farmers: ‘Village life has to become more attractive’ (29 September 2015) (The Guardian, UK)
As drought destroys maize, Zimbabwe tries out new staples  (11 September 2015) (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
To make a difference: how good is that?  (10 August 2015)  (PARTNERS Magazine, ACIAR, Australia)
The messenger  (10 August 2015)  (PARTNERS Magazine, ACIAR, Australia)
Iron deficiency in children resolved by biofortified pearl millet (15 July 2015) (Cornell Chronicle)
Au Mali, des femmes mijotent une révolution culinaire (30 April 2015) (GEO, France) (Women in Mali cook up a storm)
Women ‘nutrition leaders’ changing the fate of children in Mali (16 April 2015) (Africa Rising)
ICRISAT donates pigeonpea seed to Malawi govt (14 April 2015) (Nyasa Times)
Rebranding bran: teaching nutrient-rich cooking in Mali (8 April 2015) (theguardian , UK)
The value of investing in women farmers (30 March 2015) (The Pulse Pod e-magazine by CICILS, UAE)
Can ‘down to earth’ innovations keep hunger at bay in the Sahel? (24 March 2015 ) (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
Mali’s women take up arms against ‘miniyamba’ (18 March 2015 ) (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
La révolution numérique transforme l’agriculture Africaine: est-ce que les plus petits vont en profiter? (16 March 2015) (YouPhil, France) (French) (The digital revolution is transforming the African agriculture: is that the little ones will enjoy? )
Changer le destin des enfants de Koutiala autour d’une marmite. (9 March 2015) (YouPhil, France)  (Change the fate of the children of Koutiala around a pot)
Tech-Savvy Women Farmers Find Success with SIM Cards (4 March 2015) (Inter Press Service)
From field to lab: whose priorities count? (4 March 2015) (CIAT blog)
Kenya: Go for Sorghum, Say Climate Smart Farmers (20 Feb 2015) (Thomson Reuters Foundation, All Africa)
New knowledge sharing platform helps Mali rig better defense against climate change (16 Jan 2015) (CCAFS Blog)
Phablet for farmers (7 Jan 2015) (Asian Scientist)

National press clippings

Science-led approach for agricultural development in Telangana (7 December 2015) (The Hans India)
COP21: Indian women leading the fight against climate change (29 November 2015) (The Hans India)
Farmers leading in fighting climate change – Efforts part of CGIAR programme (28 Nov 2015) (Food & Beverages News)
Rajasthan’s women farmers beat climate change, global warming (26 Nov 2015) (The Times of India)
Women Farmers: Combating climate change in Rajasthan (26 Nov 2015) (Rural Marketing Magazine)
Bhoochetana, a 100 Voices series, records Karnataka agri growth success  (24 November 2015) (Food & Beverages News)
Videos featuring success stories of Bhoochetana scheme now on the Net (23 Nov 2015) (The Hindu)
Bhoochetana: A major agricultural success story in India in decades (21 Nov 2015) (The Times of India)
ICRISAT, IIT Bombay launches free online agriculture course (19 Nov 2015) (The Times of India)
‘Dynamo treated’ water promises bumper crop (30 November 2015) (The Hindu)
ICRISAT introduces finger millet as mandate crop (04 Oct 2015) (The Hindu)
ICRISAT adds finger millet as its sixth mandate crop (02 Oct 2015) (The Economic Times)
ICRISAT for partnership to benefit marginal farmers (01 October 2015) (The Hindu)
Shankhpushpi growing on deserts (19 May 2015) (Rajasthan Patrika, Hindi)
Local Solutions to a Global Challenge and How India Can Usher in Zero Hunger (15 August 2015) (New Indian Express)
Herb cultivation benefits western Rajasthan farmers (10 August 2015) (The Times of India)
Alkalinity and salinity bane of soil in T state (7 August 2015) (The Times of India)
Pigeonpea revolution in nine rain-fed dists (30 July 2015) (The Times of India)
ICRISAT to step up focus on ‘smart crops’ millets (15 July 2015) (Business Line)
ICRISAT inks MoU to promote IT-based information for farmers (7 July 2015) (The Economic Times)
Telangana, ICRISAT join hands for digital agriculture initiatives (7 July 2015) (Rural Marketing magazine)
ICRISAT study moots change in food habits (22 June 2015) (The Hindu)
Demand-driven innovation is our priority, says ICRISAT D-G (8 June 2015) (The Hindu)
ICRISAT to hold agri-business investors camp for startups (5 June 2015) (Business Standard)
ICRISAT promises to work with AP (3 May 2015) (The Hindu)
ICRISAT’s Bhoochetana helps Karnataka make rapid strides (24 Feb 2015) (The Hindu)


William Dar advocates easier access to published research (07 October 2014) (Financial Times, UK)
Can global farm innovators help re-green the Sahel? (04 February 2014) (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
L’agriculture du futur fait son show à Abu Dhabi : quelles solutions pour reverdir le Sahel? (30 January 2014) (YOUPHIL/Blog, France)
Africa and India cultivate agricultural research ties (28 January 2014) (SciDevNet)
ICRISAT: Africa Rising à l’heure du bilan (03 February 2014) (Journal du Mali)
Agriculture: Le marché, facteur de résilience (12 February 2014) (Mali Jet)
ICRISAT DG interview with the Times of Africa TV (19 February 2014) (The Times of Africa TV)
Farmers need not be poor (1 January 2014) (Nourish Zambia (Feed the Future)
Hyderabad-based research body appoints ‘ambassador of goodwill’ for agriculture in Africa (26 February 2014) (Times of India)
Nigerian Minister named ICRISAT ambassador (26 February 2014) (The Hindu)
Dr.William Dar gets FABA special award 2014 (22 February 2014) (The Times of India)
Agricultural research gets gender transformation approach (18 February 2014) (The Times of India
First agri-business incubator in West Africa established (07 February 2014) (The Hindu)
Market-oriented agriculture key for viability: William Dar (01 February 2014) (The Hindu)
Hybrid pigeonpea technology gives bumper yield to farmers (30 January 2014) (The Economic Times)
India to unlock Africa’s agribusiness potential (02 February 2014) (Yahoo News)
ICRISAT identifies climate resilient germplasm to support chickpea breeding (24 January 2014) (The Times of India)
ICRISAT Agribiz Fair attracts 300 entrepreneurs (18 January 2014) (Indian Express)
ICRISAT genebank head gets top germplasm award by US body (17 January 2014) (The Economic Times)
Phablets For farmers (07 January 2014) (Asian Scientist )
Inexpensive GreenPHABLET launched to help farmers (22 December 2014) (One World)
ICRISAT high on outstanding returns to investment in AR4D (12 December 2014) (The Economic Times)
Interview: ‘Our land rejuvenation model has brought prosperity to Indian farmers’: William D Dar, ICRISAT (17 December 2014) (The Financial Express)
ICRISAT high on outstanding returns to investment in AR4D (12 December 2014) (Daily Pioneer )
ICRISAT and HIA to undertake joint R&D (04 December 2014) (Rural Marketing Magazine)
Hort grows Indian agrifood ties (30 December 2014) (Farm online)
ICRISAT, Aussie firm in tie-up for joint research in plant genomics (05 December 2014) (Sify News)
ICRISAT facilitates agribusiness opportunities for FPO from six states (30 October 2014) (Food and Beverage News)
ICRISAT creates agri-business opportunities for FPOs (29 October 2014) (Hindustan Times)
ICRISAT commits US$ 5 million for research, science in Africa (25 September 2014) (Africa Science News)
ICRISAT, Ramoji Film City tie-up for agriculture theme park (25 September 2014) (The Economic Times)
75 per cent of world’s extremely poor people live in rural areas: ICRISAT (26 August 2014) (The Times of India)
The Hon John Kerin AM appointed ICRISAT International Ambassador of Goodwill (27 August 2014) (The Crawford Fund)
John Kerin named ICRISAT Ambassador of Goodwill (27 August 2014) (Business Standard)
UN IFAD calls for new projects for funding from India (09 August 2014) (The Hindu Business Line)
Not such a tough nut to crack anymore (03 April 2014) (Asian Scientist)
IPGI crop geneticists sequence peanut’s genome: ICRISAT (02 April 2014) (Zee News)
David Bergvinson appointed ICRISAT’s new Director General (30 June 2014) (UK CDS)
David Bergvinson to be next ICRISAT Director General (27 June 2014) (Zee News)
Market-oriented agriculture key for viability: William Dar (01 February 2014) (The Hindu)
Hybrid pigeonpea technology gives bumper yield to farmers (30 January 2014) (The Economic Times)
ICRISAT ties up with SEWA (16 May 2014) (Business Line)


Agricultural improvements in the Semi-Arid Tropics: An interview with ICRISAT’s Dr. William Dar(8 Dec 2013) (The Food Think Tank)
Small farmers need ‘all the support they can get’ for climate adaptation (14 Nov 2013)(Thomson Reuters Foundation)
How do you measure “empowerment”? (31 Oct 2013) (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
Pigeon pea: A pulse revolution in Padasoli (16 Oct 2013) (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
Bio-reclamation – Converting degraded lateritic soils into productive land (08 Oct 2013) (The international journal Rural 21)
ICRISAT’s New Tool, EXPLOREit, optimizes what agricultural research can do for development
(4 Oct 2013) (The Food Think Tank)
Will India’s new food bill have an impact on under-nourished women and children? (19 Sep 2013)(Tata-Cornell Agriculture And Nutrition Initiative)
Conservation agriculture puts Zimbabwean farmers on firmer footing (1 Aug 2013)(Thomson Reuters Foundation)
After Karnataka, more states evince interest in ICRISAT’S Bhoochetana (4 July 2013) (BusinessLine)
Food security good, but govt should also stress on nutrition (26 June 2013) (The Financial Express)
Kalam calls for research in agriculture biotechnology (22 June 2013) (The Hindu)
Day against desertification (17 June 2013) (
Tanzania’s government signs off on sorghum (11 June 2013) (Thompson Reuters Foundation,
In Pictures: Fighting malnutrition (8 June 2013) (BBC)
Bill Gates visits ICRISAT (8 June 2013) (Business Mirror, Philippines)
Hidden Hunger: Tackling micronutrient deficiencies (7 June 2013) (One Billion Hungry: Can We Feed the World)


Nourishing communities through holistic farming (30 April 2012) (Impatient Optimists, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)
ICRISAT, ISRA, CORAF/WECARD’s partnership day highlights food security (13 April 2013) (Food Beverages News)
Millet for our bread in 2050? (5 Nov 2012) (Reuters AlertNet)
Worms, water & bolllywood (Nov 2012) (Geographical)
Malawi’s food safety threatened by contaminated groundnuts (10 Aug 2012) (Guardian)
New farmer films help spread the word about weeds (9 Aug 2012) (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
Hope for farmers in Africa as scientists make breakthrough against dangerous Striga (The East African)
Shrinking U.S. crops pose inflation challenge for countries (7 Aug 2012) (Guardian)
The battle for water — harvesting and conserving rainwater key to boosting crop yield (25 Jul 2012) (Reuters Alert net)
ICRISAT chief for cultivation of GM crops (7 Jul 2012) (The Hindu)
Producing grain even when the rains fail (7 Jul 2012) (Reuters Alert Net)
Worms, water and micronutrients — key ingredients for sustainable farming (7 Jun 2012) (Reuters Alert Net)
Investing in worms and water transforms Indian village farms (6 Jun 2012) (Video)
Mali seed entrepreneur discovers taste for food security (20 Jun 2012) (Guardian)
Earth summit: Rio report card (6 Jun 2012) (Nature)
Mali’s first woman seed entrepreneur helps improve food security (4 Jun 2012) (Impatient Optimists)
ICRISAT-ICAR partner to build climate resilient agriculture (23 May 2012) (The Economic Times)
India must take steps to ward off impact of climate change, say experts (23 May 2012) (The Financial Express)
Sweet sorghum — the next anti-diabetic sweetener (20 May 2012) (PhilSTAR)
Nigeria gets help on groundnut production (9 May 2012) (Businessday)
Kenya’s farmers, brewers raise a toast to sorghum (29 Apr 2012) (Reuters Alert net)
Bank director calls for more collaboration between farmers, ICRISAT (27 Apr 2012) (Daily Independent)
‘Superior’ peanut variety propagated here (25 Apr 2012) (The Manila Bulletin)
ICRISAT ties up with Chinese genomics institute (24 Apr 2012) (The Hindu Business Line)
Drought and poverty — a hardy legume to the rescue (12 Mar 2012) (The Integrated Breeding)
Ethiopian farmers test new chickpea crops (2 Mar 2012) (Guardian)
ICRISAT takes up research on diseases, pests that damage crops (29 Feb 2012) (Times of India)

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