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Media Releases 2022 & 2021

ICRISAT awarded 2021 Africa Food Prize

Download French version The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) has been awarded the 2021 Africa Food Prize, for work that has improved food security across 13 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. ICRISAT, a CGIAR Research Center, is a non-profit, non-political public international research organization that conducts agricultural Read more...

Burkina Faso releases its first pearl millet hybrid

Burkina Faso recently approved the commercial use of its first pearl millet hybrid called Nafagnon. With the approval, the single-cross hybrid also became the first of its kind to be approved in West and Central Africa. Nafagnon yields as much as 45 percent higher than popular variety Misari-1. It is more resistant to downy mildew and has higher fodder yield potential. Read more...

Odisha government, ICRISAT ink new agriculture partnership for vulnerable tribal groups

Government of Odisha is collaborating with the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) to strengthen management of natural resources for the benefit of the state’s Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups that are dependent on agriculture. Accordingly, ICRISAT will undertake capacity building initiatives, water harvesting, recording of hydrological parameters and crop productivity in addition to monitoring land-use as well as land-cover through remote sensing and GIS in 12 districts of Odisha.

Media Updates



Top honour for ICRISAT’s Dr Rajeev K Varshney 22 Nov 2018

Wilder and stronger: India-Myanmar pigeonpea program gets new research boost 25 Oct 2018

Committed to Alleviating Malnutrition, India Declares Minimum Levels for Iron and Zinc in Pearl Millet 16 Oct 2018

‘Plantix’ now in Kannada – smartphone app helps farmers detect crop damage 15 Oct 2018

Center of Excellence to support farmers for better climate resilience and early pest/disease warning 13 Oct 2018

Entrepreneurial Agribusiness Model Launched in Anantapur 21 Sep 2018

‘Historic’ India Millet Mission campaign to begin in September 25 Aug 2018

MoU for scientific assessment of Telangana’s Mission Kakatiya 03 Aug 2018

India gets its first biofortified sorghum 05 Jul 2018

Walmart Foundation invests nearly US$2M in ‘Farmer Market Readiness Program’ in India 27 Jun 2018

Interested in agribusiness? Apply now for this start-up training 18 Jun 2018

Africa’s first biofortified pearl millet variety aims to combat anaemia 02 Jun 2018

Major step forward in chickpea and pigeonpea research – reference genome data assembled 30 May 2018

New Technologies for Public Good & Better Food Crops: ICRISAT and Keygene in Partnership 28 May 2018

Two women scientists to receive ICRISAT’s highest scientific award 17 Apr 2018

ICRISAT and Corteva Agriscience™, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, Collaborate for Sharing Advanced Breeding Technologies to Improve Crops that Feed Millions 12 Apr 2018

Soil health scheme for farmers in Odisha – to benefit 4.35 million farmers in 30 districts 09 Apr 2018

Bridging two continents: Ethiopian Agriculture Ministers in Telangana to see best practices in rain water management 09 Mar 2018

ICRISAT Scientist receives global award for being a custodian of crop diversity 24 Feb 2018

Partnering to effectively strengthen whole value chains: Key focus at the launch of a global program for grain legumes and dryland cereals 19 Feb 2018

55,000 farmer families to benefit from Government of Maharashtra and ICRISAT-led coalition to double farmer incomes by 2022 19 Feb 2018

Indian smallholder farmers could soon benefit from the growing confectionary peanut market, as the first-ever high oleic groundnut varieties adapted to India are ready for release 19 Jan 2018

‘Learning by doing’ helps mothers tackle under-nutrition in Malawi – showing significant improvements in just 3 weeks 18 Jan 2018

CGIAR Launches Program to Improve Rural Economies and Nutrition through Grain Legumes and Dryland Cereals 01 Jan 2018


New research shows adopting improved chickpea increases farmer livelihoods in Ethiopia 16 Dec 2016

First curtain raiser to popularize millets 19 Nov 2016

Increasingly streamlined research delivers towards the sustainable development goals: CGIAR research programs on dryland cereals and grain legumes 07 Nov 2016

Annual Asian science park association conference to be held first time in India 12 Oct 2016

Approach to watershed management awarded best livelihoods CSR initiative in India 29 Sep 2016

Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar award for genomics and molecular work in pulses 27 Sep 2016

Energy and agriculture: stronger links must be built for “smart villages” to flourish in India 23 Sep 2016

Over 2,000 Indian farmers exchanged ideas on how to double their farm income in five years 22 Sep 2016

Partnership with saarc to help farmers in South Asia 24 Aug 2016

Initiative to popularize Indian millets through product development 19 Aug 2016

Golden agriculture village scheme for Karnataka farmers 03 Aug 2016

First portable low-cost device developed for rapid detection of aflatoxins 26 Jul 2016

Village by village soil health is being addressed in Telangana 19 Jul 2016

New partnership to optimize use of nitrogen in cereal crops for higher yields and less environmental pollution 15 Jul 2016

Water4crops–reuse of treated wastewater delivers higher crop yields 15 Jun 2016

Success in increasing production of sorghum and millets by up to 150% 13 Jun 2016

Pioneering digital agricultural applications to help farmers cope with climate change 09 Jun 2016

New initiative started to popularize hybrid pigeonpea for self-sufficiency 04 Jun 2016

Global team cracks ancestor genome of groundnut 31 May 2016

New ict-agriculture partnership can bring revolutionary change for farmers and food industries 31 May 2016

Hack4farming hackathon for the future of agricultural development in India 13 May 2016

New initiative to help sorghum and millet farmers increase their yields in spite of high temperatures and low rainfall 11 May 2016

Boosting agripreneurship development in Karnataka 06 May 2016

ICRISAT governing board calls for strengthening partnerships in drought hit Zimbabwe to benefit smallholder farmers 27 Apr 2016

First six underprivileged South African youth trained to be future agri-preneurs 07 Mar 2016

New sorghum varieties released in Nigeria with higher iron, yields and drought resilience 26 Feb 2016

The first genome code of cultivated peanut cracked by international group of researchers 23 Feb 2016

World CSR day: ICRISAT wins two CSR awards for work on climate change and community development 18 Feb 2016

ICRISAT scientist recognized in list of most impactful leaders in water management 18 Feb 2016

First machine harvestable chickpea variety boon for Andhra Pradesh farmers 04 Feb 2016


(02 December 2015)
(02 December 2015)
COP21: Indian women leading the fight against climate change (21 November 2015)
Farmers and policy makers speak out about possibly the largest agricultural success in India in decades (21 November 2015)
Enrolment begins for the part –II Massive Open Online Course in agriculture (19 November 2015)
Pigeonpea – A life changer for Malawi’s drought-stricken farmers (16 October 2015)
ICRISAT adds finger millet as its 6th mandate crop (02 October 2015)
ICRISAT Governing Board calls for partnerships that benefit smallholder farmers (30 September 2015)
New approaches and priority international investments have Malawi’s young farmers sing out loud to support Global Goals (25 September 2015)
Government of Telangana and ICRISAT launch Digital Agriculture Initiatives to boost small holder agriculture (07 July 2015)
Agri-business Investors Camp for start-ups (04 June 2015)
Iron-rich pearl millet reverses iron Deficiency in children (18 May 2015)
ICRISAT committed to support Andhra Pradesh Government in its mission to boost income for farmers (01 May 2015)
Priority investments set for agriculture in the drylands of Ethiopia (24 April 2015)
New initiatives in to boost export of seeds and sorghum products from Telangana, India(20 March 2015)
Global consortium maps out strategies to revitalize agricultural education (12 March 2015)
Women in India are being empowered through unlikely sources (06 March 2015)
Next-generation genomics key to global food and nutritional security (20 February 2015)
First Massive Open Online Course in agriculture enrollment begins (03 February 2015)
Demand-driven innovation key to fighting poverty in the drylands (08 January 2015)


“GreenPHABLET” – Delivering personalized information to farmers saving crops, raising incomes (29 Dec 2014)
Philippines Congress commends Dr William Dar (26 Dec 2014)
ICRISAT investments in agricultural research yield high payoffs for the dryland poor (12 Dec 2014)
Director General of ICRISAT retires after 15 years of transformative leadership in agricultural research (12 Dec 2014)
Philippine President honors ICRISAT Director General as outstanding overseas Filipino (08 Dec 2014)
Australian horticulture sector to benefit from R&D agreement with ICRISAT (02 Dec 2014)
ICRISAT scientist receives Japan’s Niigata International Food Award (30 Oct 2014)
ICRISAT creates agribusiness opportunities for farmer producer organizations (29 Oct 2014)
ICRISAT Director General Dr William Dar honored with Life Time Achievement Award at the 7th Agriculture Leadership Summit (29 Sep 2014)
ICRISAT Governing Board commits to new significant research and science investments in Africa (25 Sep 2014)
ICRISAT collaborates with Ramoji Film City to set up First-of-its-kind Agriculture Theme Park (25 Sep 2014)
Improved productivity through innovation vital in addressing farm labor shortage in India (15 Sep 2014)
ICRISAT awards outstanding women farmers in India (12 Sep 2014)
Massive Open Online courses for agricultural professionals to usher in classrooms without boundaries (05 Sep 2014)
Biofuel initiatives should enhance, and not compromise, food and nutritional security of the poor(27 Aug 2014)
John Kerin named ICRISAT Ambassador of Goodwill (26 Aug 2014)
James Bolger affirms support, as ICRISAT Ambassador of Goodwill, for science-based solutions to poverty and hunger (25 Aug 2014)
IFAD President visits ICRISAT, elevates partnership for making smallholder farming a profitable business (13 Aug 2014)
‘One Agriculture-One Science’: A new partnership to revitalize global agricultural education (21 Ju1 2014)
MS Swaminathan and Saina Nehwal named ICRISAT Ambassadors of Goodwill (14 Ju1 2014)
Appointment of new ICRISAT Director General (27 Jun 2014)
Union Minister for Agriculture Shri Radha Mohan Singh visits ICRISAT (24 Jun 2014)
Information and communication technology tools to help improve pigeonpea yield (20 Jun 2014)
Improving watersheds to benefit small farmers (12 Jun 2014)
SEWA and ICRISAT launch ICT-based knowledge sharing tools to boost smallholder agriculture (16 May 2014)
Farmers on a journey to share new agri-ventures with fellow farmers to boost Indian agriculture (11 May 2014)
Dr Nigel Poole named ICRISAT Ambassador (07 May 2014)
The first peanut genomes sequenced (02 April 2014)
Nigerian Minister of Agriculture Akinwumi Adesina named ICRISAT Ambassador of Goodwill (25 February 2014)
ICRISAT Director General William Dar receives FABA Special Award 2014 (20 February 2014)
ICRISAT adopts gender transformative approach in agricultural research (14 February 2014)
First agribusiness incubator in West Africa established to boost market-oriented agriculture (06 February 2014)
Creating a market-oriented agriculture for Eastern and Southern Africa (31 January 2014)
Reviving hopes of farmers with hybrid pigeonpea technology (29 January 2014)
ICRISAT and partners map out research agenda for a market-oriented and resilient agriculture in West and Central Africa (27 January 2014)
ICRISAT identifies climate resilient germplasm to support chickpea breeding (24 January 2014)
ICRISAT Agribusiness Fair attracts 300 innovators and entrepreneurs (17 January 2014)
ICRISAT genebank head honored with top germplasm award by US body (16 January 2014)
ICRISAT to host agribusiness fair on 17 January 2014 (14 January 2014)
ICRISAT scientist conferred with the prestigious Indian National Science Academy fellowship (10 January 2014)


Hopes rise for global food security as world’s largest agricultural research partnership marks major milestone: doubles funding to $1 billion in five years
(31 December 2013)
Partnership and convergence vital in rejuvenating agriculture and livelihoods in the drylands (09 December 2013)
ICRISAT Director General Dr William D. Dar honored with ‘Excellence in Agricultural Leadership Award’ (06 December 2013)
ICRISAT scientist receives top honor from Crop Science Society of America (28 November 2013)
The story behind the success (25 November 2013)
ICRISAT and Biotech Consortium India Ltd organize workshop on Safety Assessment of Genetically Modified (GM) Crops (23 November 2013)
USAID-supported project to apply genomics research to sorghum improvement (04 October 2013)
“EXPLOREit” gets ICRISAT’s science to the public (26 September 2013)
NAIP-ICAR and ICRISAT to organize Agri-Tech Investors Meet (13 July 2013)
ICRISAT and partners launch knowledge sharing and watershed initiatives (04 July 2013)
ICRISAT Director General William Dar receives MS Swaminathan Leadership in Agriculture award (24 June 2013)
APJ Abdul Kalam underscores role of biotechnology to feed the world (21 June 2013)
Bill Gates visits ICRISAT (1 June 2013)
IFAD program to improve agricultural productivity in rainfed Asia holds annual meeting (15 May 2013)
Open Data for agriculture vital to global food security (09 May 2013)
Senegal Prime Minister supports new partnerships to tackle food security in the region (09 April 2013)
Stronger regional and international partnerships paving the way for food security and poverty reduction (09 April 2013)
ICRISAT and Senegal strengthen partnership for food and nutrition security and improved livelihoods of the poor (08 April 2013)
SABMiller India and ICRISAT collaborate to improve rural livelihoods through integrated water resource management(19 February 2013)
Inclusive market-oriented development needed to improve livelihoods of the poor (15 February 2013)
Global research programs on grain legumes and dryland cereals launched to boost food and nutrition security of the poor (07 February 2013)
USAID-supported project to apply genomics research to pigeonpea improvement (31 January 2013)
Recycling of wastewater to improve agricultural production and farmers’ livelihoods in India and EU
(29 January 2013)
Global research team decodes genome sequence of 90 chickpea lines (28 January 2013)
Illumina announces recipients of Agricultural Greater Good Initiative Grants (16 January 2013)


Olympic medalist lauds ICRISAT’s gene conservation efforts in the fight against hunger and poverty  (30 Dec 2012)
Using information technology to revitalize agricultural extension and education (05 Dec 2012)
ICRISAT scientist bags international Crop Science Award (24 Oct 2012)
ICRISAT-led CGIAR Research Programs to boost food, nutrition and income security of dryland poor (22 Oct 2012)
Agro-biodiversity vital in the global fight against hunger and poverty: ICRISAT (17 Oct 2012)
Media has uncommon opportunities for promoting biodiversity conservation (09 Oct 2012)
ICRISAT & ICAR host 6th international conference on legume genetics and genomics (02 Oct 2012)
ICRISAT celebrates 40 years  Inclusive agriculture needed for food security in the dryland tropics (26 Sep 2012)
ICRISAT scientists key to better livelihoods in the drylands (25 Sep 2012)
ICRISAT the best hope for poor farmers in the drylands (24 Sep 2012)
ICRISAT-HOPE sharply increases sorghum yields in Maharashtra, India (06 Jul 2012)
Worms, water and micronutrients – key ingredients for sustainable farming (Photo essay) (4 Jun 2012)
ICRISAT and ICAR partner to build climate resilient agriculture (22 May 2012)
ICRISAT responds to call for collaboration in reviving Nigeria’s groundnut industry (9 May 2012)
ICRISAT and BGI seal research partnership on modern sequencing technologies for molecular crop breeding (24 Apr 2012)
Philip Ikeazor calls for boosting Nigeria’s groundnut production to export levels using ICRISAT’s research expertise and partnerships (16 Apr 2012)
Smallholder farmers to benefit from second phase of tropical legumes project (23 Feb 2012)
DST and ICRISAT launch Center of Excellence on Climate Change for Plant Protection  (13 Feb 2012)

Agribusiness incubation and entrepreneurship key for vibrant agricultural development  (10 Feb 2012)
Feeding the forgotten poor chronicles agriculturist’s perspectives in tackling poverty and hunger  (8 Feb 2012)

ICRISAT and ICC team up to hold first India international grains conference (12 Jan 2012)


2nd India-Africa Economic Mission concludes, lays groundwork for South-South collaboration (17 December 2011)
ICRISAT stresses on partnership-based agricultural research-for-development on its 39th anniversary (9 December 2011)
ICRISAT and EMRC International partner for the 2nd Africa-India Economic Mission (2 December 2011)
South-South partnership key to fighting poverty in the drylands (25 November 2011)
On World Diabetes DayICRISAT and AVRDC promote agriculture and nutrition research to fight diabetes  (15 November 2011)
ICRISAT-led global team cracks pigeonpea genome (07 November 2011)
On World Food Day and International Day for the Eradication of Poverty ICRISAT helps fight poverty and hunger in the dryland tropics (17 October 2011)
World Heart Day: ICRISAT calls for sorghum and millet based health foods to help tackle India’s rising lifestyle diseases (29 September 2011)
Roundtable meet focuses on building climate-resilient rainfed agriculture (16 August 2011)
Colloquium on demystifying crop biotechnology for the Asian media (22 June 2011)
Inclusive market-oriented development key to second Green Revolution (17 June 2011)
Pearl millet productivity increased, helps improve income and nutrition of rural poor in India (8 June 2011)
ICRISAT germplasm materials making impact on global food security (20 May 2011)
Global meet highlights innovative Ready-to-Eat products, new market opportunities (29 April 2011)
Global meet seeks to create market opportunities for ‘Ready-to-Eat’ foods (21 April 2011)
Market focus needed for food security in the tropical drylands (8 April 2011)
ICRISAT Governing Board launches platform for South-South collaboration and approves its medium-term plan (24 March 2011)
ICRISAT Forms South-South Initiative to fight poverty in the drylands (24 March 2011)
Global agri-business incubation conference at ICRISAT creates vast opportunities for agri-preneurs (11 March 2011)
ICRISAT observes International Women’s Day in Global Incubation Forum (2 March 2011)
First Global Conference on Agribusiness Incubation at ICRISAT (28 February 2011)
Consortium Board approves CGIAR Strategy and Results Framework (21 February 2011)
Top body for international agricultural research approves new global strategy (18 February 2011)
CGIAR Consortium Board to meet at ICRISAT (11 February 2011)
International conference to improve nutrition and health (10 January 2011)


ICRISAT’s Agri-Business Incubator receives Villgro’s award (12 December 2009)
ICRISAT calls for use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for empowering farmers (09 December 2009)
ICRISAT and IFAD call for a second Green Revolution (1 December 2009)
Technical and policy options for the drylands (26 November 2009)
ICRISAT launches a pioneering network to promote agri-business incubators in India (25 November 2009)
ICRISAT symposium to reduce farmers’ losses due to insect pests (19 November 2009)
Food security in the drylands in peril (16 November 2009)
Bracing for a ‘perfect storm’ that looms large over the poor (10 November 2009)
ICRISAT’s village dynamics studies to help reduce poverty in the drylands (2 November 2009)
HOPE to boost sorghum and millet production in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia (15 October 2009)
First global scientific conference supporting UN efforts to curb desertification opens in Argentina (20 September 2009)
ICRISAT signs Copenhagen Communiqué on climate change (18 September 2009)
ICRISAT and University of Western Australia strengthen ties (09 September 2009)
Save seeds for next cropping season, advise scientists (17 August 2009)
ICRISAT offers short courses with University of Florida (21 July 2009)
ICRISAT bares strategy for farmers when monsoons get delayed (30 June 2009)
ICRISAT’s science helps prevent desertification and land degradation (16 June 2009)
ICRISAT develops climate change ready varieties (5 June 2009)
ICRISAT mandates open access to all its scientific and scholarly publications (27 May 2009)
ICRISAT Director General gets a third term in office (6 May 2009)
Every day is EARTH DAY at ICRISAT (21 April 2009)
Climate change adaptation innovations bring hope to dryland farmers (25 March 2009)
ICRISAT and the World Vegetable Center strengthen collaboration to improve crop diversity for farmers (12 March 2009)
ICRISAT gets a positive assessment from the External Program and Management Review  (9 March 2009)
A magic pea leads a new Green Revolution in the drylands (2 March 2009)
Agri-biotechnological breakthroughs can help solve global food crisis (9 February 2009)
Unraveling of the sorghum genome will help improve dryland crops (2 February 2009)
ICRISAT’s hybrid pigeonpea takes roots in China (19 January 2009)


Science innovations help dryland farmers deal with food and financial crisis (24 December 2008)
ICRISAT’s Agri-Business Incubator awarded as best in Asia-Pacific (17 December 2008)
ICRISAT creates impacts in Africa (26 November 2008)
ICRISAT initiates agreements with new partners on food processing research (20 November 2008)
The American Society of Agronomy honors ICRISAT scientist (13 November 2008)
Combating desertification is key to tackling global food crisis (03 November 2008)
ICRISAT advocates rescue plan for dryland farmers (24 October 2008)
ICRISAT to re-establish center in Nigeria (25 September 2008)
Australian Foreign Minister visits ICRISAT headquarters (10 September 2008)
International Public Goods developed by ICRISAT improve agricultural productivity (04 September 2008) 
ICRISAT pigeonpea climbs the mountains of Uttarakhand (29 August 2008)
Bias against drylands will affect food security (22 August 2008)
ICRISAT and DBT to establish new facility for agri- biotechnology research (14 August 2008)
Community watersheds combat drought (7 August 2008)
Crop breeders on verge of beating Africa’s most noxious weed use cutting edge science technique (07 August 2008)
ICRISAT now a top ranking global research institution (31 July 2008)
ICRISAT scientist elected President of the International Congress of Entomology (29 July 2008)
ICRISAT earns its second ‘Outstanding’ rating (24 July 2008)
World’s first CMS pigeonpea hybrid commercialized (15 July 2008)
Land degradation threatens dryland populations (16 June 2008)
Science leads to adaptation with climate change (05 June 2008)
Scientific innovations will trigger Green Revolution in Africa (02 June 2008)
Cutting edge science helps the poor overcome soaring food prices (27 May 2008)
Sweet sorghum: A new smart biofuel crop that ensures food security (12 May 2008)
ICRISAT launches Center of Excellence in Genomics and Bio-Food Knowledge Center  (20 March 2008)
ICRISAT’s germplasm to strengthen the collection at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault  (25 February 2008)
Development of smart crops for biofuels ensures food and environmental security  (15 February 2008)
ICRISAT signs MOU with Crop and Food Research, New Zealand (30 January 2008)
ICRISAT signs MOU with Philippine science journalists association (16 January 2008)


Praj Industries joins ICRISAT’s sweet sorghum ethanol consortium (14 December 2007)
Global Trust funds ICRISAT’s Genebank (12 December 2007)
IFAD supports biofuels research-for-development project led by ICRISAT (06 December 2007)
Dealing with climate change with cutting-edge agricultural research (22 November 2007)
ICRISAT to celebrate 35th Annual Day and host Climate Change Symposium (20 November 2007)
Tata Chemicals joins ICRISAT’s sweet sorghum ethanol consortium (21 November 2007)
Legumes step into the limelight in the tropics (16 October 2007)
Asia-Pacific agricultural research experts meet at Hyderabad (09 October 2007)
ICRISAT research records high impact in India (09 October 2007)
ICRISAT and ICAR to host Asia-Pacific agri-experts’ meetings (05 October 2007)
Increasing crop legume productivity in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia (25 September 2007)
ICRISAT strengthens collaboration with Ethiopia (03 October 2007)
ICRISAT incubates agri-business projects in Mozambique (03 October 2007)
Climate change and desertification put one billion poor people at risk (19 September 2007)
ICRISAT Head is Chair of UN’s desertification science body (12 September 2007)
ICRISAT and partners initiate biopesticide production in villages of India and Nepal (21 August 2007)
New low-cost technology counters widespread aflatoxin food poisoning, increases agricultural exports (26 July 2007)
ICRISAT rated outstanding among CGIAR Centers (18 June 2007)
Ethanol from sweet sorghum does not compromise food security (13 June 2007)
ICRISAT Hosts AICPMIP’s Annual Group Meeting 2007 (18 May 2007)
Pearl millet group meeting (11 May 2007)
ICRISAT hybrid pigeonpea to trigger pulse revolution (23 March 2007)
ICRISAT promotes pro-poor biofuels initiative (14 March 2007)
ISBA 2007 – The national conference on technology incubators being held at ICRISAT (26 February 2007)
Visit by Western Australian Premier strengthens collaborative chickpea research (20 February 2007)
A glimpse of the biodiversity at ICRISAT campus(15 February 2007)
ICRISAT pigeonpea spreads roots in China, finds multiple uses (2 February 2007)


ICRISAT and DBT partner to establish a Center of Excellence in Genomics (14 December 2006)
International conference focuses attention on indigenous vegetables and legumes  (12 December 2006)
First international conference on indigenous vegetables and legumes
CGIAR research vital for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (14 November 2006)
ICRISAT and partners launch initiative on open access information on agricultural research  (8 November 2006)
ICRISAT sorghum for ethanol now a sweet reality (11 October 2006)
ICRISAT launches agro-ecotourism complex at Manmool in Patancheru campus  (13 September 2006)
ICRISAT and University of Florida launch partnership for flexible online courses (23 August 2006)
ICRISAT consortium’s watershed projects improve farmers’ income (20 July 2006)
Global initiatives to combat drought and desertification (23 June 2006)
Agri-product venture launched from Agri-Science Park@ICRISAT (6 June 2006)
Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister presents ICRISAT groundnut variety to Anantapur farmers (1 June 2006)
ICAR and ICRISAT research partnership highly successful (25 May 2006)
Farmer participatory research creates big impacts in four Asian countries (15 May 2006)
ICRISAT maps out vision and strategy to 2015 (12 May 2006)
ICRISAT receives the best technology incubator award (11 May 2006)
ADB and ICRISAT partner in alleviating poverty through science (5 May 2006)
Small fertilizer doses yield big impact in sub-Saharan Africa (28 April 2006)
ICRISAT’s Agri-Business Incubator selected as best technology incubator for 2005 (27 March 2006)
ICRISAT strengthens partnerships with the private sector (2 March 2006)
CII and ICRISAT to collaborate on natural resource management (27 February 2006)
ICRISAT initiates groundnut revolution in Anantapur
Indian President hands over ICRISAT seeds to the Philippines
ICRISAT to host international virology symposium
ICRISAT honors FAO Director General


An Alliance of Centers helps world’s poor farmers
ICRISAT varieties restart pigeonpea cultivation in China
AP Governor endorses project for integrated agricultural development of Medak district (7 October 2005)
Microsoft-NASSCOM Foundation-ICRISAT launch first Rural Knowledge Centre in AP under Project Jyoti (30 September 2005)
Technological breakthrough to produce disease-resistant chickpea (29 September 2005)
ICRISAT Director General meets World Bank President (20 August 2005)
Communicating agri-biotech to AP extensionists
Temporary Farm labor at ICRISAT accept new entry token system (25 July 2005)
CGIAR Centers strengthen collective action and partnerships (11 July 2005)
Rebuilding agriculture to help communities cope with natural disasters and conflicts (27 June 2005)
Indian aquaculturalist named winner of the 2005 World Food Prize (11 June 2005)
Project launched to increase the use of sorghum and pearl millet grains for poultry feed (10 June 2005)
Entebbe meeting to develop joint medium-term sub-regional plans for Africa (2 June 2005)
ICRISAT’s biopesticide production technology bags World Bank’s Development Marketplace Award (27 May 2005)
ICRISAT’s agri-business development meeting postponed (16 May 2005)
ICRISAT to host agri-business development meeting (6 May 2005)
Seeds of hope from ICRISAT for despairing pigeonpea farmers (5 May 2005)
ICRISAT MoU with Nandan Biomatrix strengthens public-private partnership (24 March 2005)
Dealing with natural disasters through preparedness (10 March 2005)
ICRISAT plants legumes in the Indo-Gangetic plains (10 March 2005)
ICRISAT strengthens research in sub-Saharan Africa (10 March 2005)
ICRISAT scientist invited to advise Unilever on sustainable agriculture ( 15 February 2005)
The Agri-Science Park @ ICRISAT achieves new successes (12 February 2005)
ICRISAT launches a new pigeonpea hybrid seed production technology (8 February 2005)
Pioneering marker-assisted breeding results in pearl millet hybrid resistant to downy mildew (28 January 2005)
Biofortifying groundnut to combat Vitamin A deficiency (3 January 2005)
Escaping disasters through community preparedness (11 January 2005)


ICRISAT celebrates bountiful harvest in 2004 (15 December 2004)
Japanese Ambassador to visit ICRISAT (6 December 2004)
ICRISAT material results in improved pearl millet from TNAU (30 November 2004)
Encouraging crop diversification through medicinal and aromatic plants (22 November 2004)
ICRISAT wins awards at Mexico (2 November 2004)
ICRISAT Director General to lead global alliance of agricultural research centers (29 October 2004)
ICRISAT initiates e-network on agri-biotechnology (21 October 2004)
Identifying research priorities in South and West Asia (7 October 2004)
AP Chief Minister urges ICRISAT to help more farming villages
ICRISAT launches ‘Strategy 2010 (13 September 2004)
Asian Development Bank and ICRISAT launch initiative to strengthen partnerships for agricultural development (1 September 2004)
ICRISAT proposes a Biopesticide Research Consortium (7 September 2004)
ICRISAT develops sweet sorghum for ethanol production (12 August 2004)
ICRISAT and Indian germplasm research – A win-win in helping the rural poor (10 August 2004)
ICRISAT and AMIC-India collaborate to communicate biotechnology (4 August 2004)
ICRISAT presents technologies to tackle drought (4 August 2004)
ICRISAT to help grow more legumes in the Philippines (21 July 2004)
ICRISAT Director General meets President Abdul Kalam (9 July 2004)
Collaborating on IT for rural development (6 July 2004)
Strengthening NRM to combat desertification (17 June 2004)
International networks bridge relief-development gap (12 June 2004)
Effective leadership turns ICRISAT around (9 June 2004)
ICRISAT DG gets second term (14 May 2004)
Consortium to expand watershed project in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh (27 April 2004)
ICRISAT signs MOU with TVS Agri Research Institute (31 March 2004)
ICRISATs Agri-Business Incubator attracts clients (25 March 2004)
National Workshop to up scale APRLP-ICRISAT project (18 March 2004)
ICRISAT signs MOU with US National Academy of Sciences (March 2004)
ICRISAT showcases Agri-Science Park at BioAsia 2004 (27 February 2004)
ICRISAT renews its focus in Asia and Africa (12 February 2004)
ICRISAT signs MOU with Sun Microsystems (11 February 2004)
ICRISAT and World Bank to collaborate on new strategy (22 January 2004)
ICRISAT hosts World Bank staff meet on new strategy (19 January 2004)


ICRISAT signs MOU with Genome Valley for Biotech Park
Sehgal Foundation gifts further $1 million to ICRISAT (20 November 2003)
Another global first from ICRISAT: Transgenic pigeonpea resistant to pod borer (12 November 2003)
ICRISAT scientist wins CGIAR Young Scientist Award (11 Nov 2003)
ICRISAT to maintain its headquarters in India (5 November 2003)
Vietnam honors ICRISAT Director General (October 2003)
ICRISAT passes external review with flying colors (22 August 2003)
ICRISAT felicitates Shanta Sinha (19 August 2003)
Partnerships for rapid crop improvement (18 July 2003)
ICRISAT dialogues with parliamentarians, industrialists and farmers (8 August 2003)
ICRISAT clones VUSAT in the Philippines (6 August 2003)
MOA with the Philippine Bureau of Agricultural Research (15 July 2003)
Big change with small doses (20 June 2003)
The panda comes to ICRISAT (16 June 2003)
Indian operations of the Virtual University launched (5 june 2003)
ICRISAT DG is Future Harvest Foundation Chairman (4 June 2003)
Continuing collaboration between Japan and ICRISAT (30 May 2003)
Avesthagen ties up with ICRISAT for ag-biotech alliance (May 2003)
VUSAT activities start in Andhra Pradesh (30 May 2003)
Agri-Business Incubator off the starter (30 April 2003)
Combining technologies to reach the poor
ICRISAT takes stock of Intellectual Property Assets  (26 March 2003)
Biotech Colloquium brings together diverse stakeholders (20 March 2003)
ICRISAT to work with Afghan Government, (22 January, 2003)
Afghan Agriculture Minister visits ICRISAT, (20 January, 2003)
Scientists’ meet on chickpea, (16 January, 2003)
Kothapally spreads the green message (13 March 2003)
Linking IT with watershed development (6 March 2003)
ICRISAT and MSSRF plan Virtual University on drought (27 February 2003)
ADB renews funding for ICRISAT watershed project (20 February 2003)
ICRISAT explores agri-biotech partnerships with Canadians (12 February 2003)
Improving legume crops with farmers’ participation (2 February 2003)
ICRISAT likely to become an ecotourism destination 30 January 2003)
ICRISAT to work with Afghan Government (22 January 2003)
Afghan Agriculture Minister visits ICRISAT (20 January 2003)
Scientists’ meet on chickpea (16 january 2003)


Union Secretary opens forestry meet (18 December 2001)
MS Swaminathan addresses ICRISAT (December 2001)
‘Investment in agricultural R&D – A must for growth and peace’, says ICRISAT DG (October 2001)
Maharashtra CM pushes for strong collaboration with ICRISAT (September 2001)
Karnataka Agriculture Minister seeks ICRISAT’s expertise in watershed (September 2001)
Bringing technology to farmers’ doorsteps: ANGRAU VCcommends ICRISAT leadership (September 2001)
ICRISAT to celebrate Farmers’ Day (September 2001)
ICRISAT scientist receives China’s highest national award (September 2001)
Biotechnology initiative for the poor launched: ICRISAT and DBT Join hands (September 2001)
ICRISAT Congratulates the 2001 World Food Prize laureate (August 2001)
ICRISAT and DOR sign Memorandum of Agreement (August 2001)
ICRISAT develops early warning system for groundnut farmers (August 2001)
"ICRISAT – Peace in Action" Says PeaceBike Founder (August 2001)
CHIREC students get an insight into ICRISAT (August 2001)
ICRISAT develops solar-powered sediment sampler (July 2001)
APAARI sets Asian research agenda (July 2001)
ICRISAT bids farewell to Paroda (July 2001)
Top World Technology Award for Balaji (July 2001)
Gowda appointed ICRISAT’s Information Director (June 2001)
Eritrea Agriculture Minister visits ICRISAT (June 2001)
ICRISAT’s first Director, Ralph Cummings, passes away (June 2001 )
ICRISAT donates seeds to quake-affected farmers in Bhuj (June 2001)
Andhra Pradesh and ICRISAT join hands to fight groundnut virus (11 May 2001)
Sorghum yield nearly doubled in India thanks to ICRISAT-ICAR partnership (10 May 2001)
Sparking a Grey-to-Green Revolution for dry areas (28 April 2001)
Can agriculture be an ally against global warming? (23 April 2001)
DFID funds ICRISAT’s project in Nepal to promote integrated pest management technologies (5 April 2001)
ICRISAT Receives Grant from DFID to Reduce Aflatoxin (April 2001)
ICRISAT Signs an MOU with NCPGR (4 April 2001)
Ms Martha B Stone is the Chair of the ICRISAT Governing Board, effective (13 March 2001)
ICRISAT and its Partners Make Important Advances in Developing the World’s First Molecular Marker Map of Chickpea (March 2001)
Investing in the Future: ICRISAT and ICBA to Investigate Biosalinity in Agriculture (March 2001)
International Agricultural Research Centers Move towards Closer Regional Integration to Make South Asia Food Secure (March 2001)
Private Sector Invests in Public Plant Breeding Research at ICRISAT (February 2001)
World Climate Expert Visits ICRISAT (February 2001)
Collaboration between Australia and ICRISAT Reinforced (February 2001)
World Bank Vice President Commends ICRISAT’s Close Working Relationship with Research and Development Partners (February 2001)
ICRISAT Gives a Warm Welcome to Ian Johnson, World Bank Vice President and CGIAR Chair (February 2001)
Transferring Technology from Lab to Land: Integrated Watershed Management (February 2001)
ICRISAT and its Partners Well Set to Revolutionize Pigeonpea Hybrid Seed Industry (January 2001)
ICRISAT Gets $ 1.2 Million from ADB for Genomics Research (January 2001)
Chickpea Collaborative Research Fruitful: ICRISAT DG (January 2001)


Researchers take a step forward towards developing drought-tolerant rice (December 2000)
Chandrababu Naidu invites ICRISAT to develop jointly with Andhra Pradesh Government a model to transfer agricultural technologies (December 2000)
Shaping the future of the Semi-Arid Tropics: World-renowned experts help develop a blueprint for ICRISAT’s future and growth (November 2000)
Bringing the Green Revolution to the dry central regions of India: The power of ICAR-ICRISAT partnership (November 2000)
ICRISAT rededicates itself to the vision of the World Food Day (October 2000)
Karnataka’s Minister urges extension systems to take advantage of ICRISAT’s technology (October 2000)
ICRISAT signs MOU with the International Water Management Institute (September 2000)
ICRISAT trains ICAR librarians in new information technologies (September 2000)
ICRISAT strengthens partnerships with the private and public sectors (September 2000)
ICRISAT helps Andhra Pradesh Government tackle groundnut virus epidemic (September 2000)
ICRISAT disburses compensation to heirs of flood victims (September 2000)
Dr Jill Lenné Joins ICRISAT as Deputy Director General-Research (September 2000)
ICRISAT announces assistance for victims (August 2000)
Five farm laborers missing (August 2000)
Developing a road map to the future of the Semi-Arid Tropics (August 2000)
Karnataka MLAs hail ICRISAT’s research
ICRISAT strategizes with partners to reduce aflatoxin levels in groundnut-based products in India (July 2000)
Brainstorming a brighter future for dry areas of the rural tropics (July 2000)
ICRISAT DG meets new Chairman of CGIAR (July 2000)
Former ICRISAT Board Chair honored by the Queen of England (July 2000)
World Bank Vice President Ian Johnson to lead CGIAR (July 2000)
ICRISAT lead center for ICAR project on natural resources management (July 2000)
ICRISAT lauds ANGRAU, CRIDA (June 2000)
ICRISAT combats desertification and drought (June 2000)
Legislators study ICRISAT’s water-harvesting strategies (June 2000)
OU-ICRISAT bag AP-Netherlands Biotech Project (June 2000)
Brainstorming session on desertification in Asia (June 2000)
Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh seeks ICRISAT’s help
‘Rainwater-use efficiency can be increased up to 70 percent’ — ICRISAT (May 2000)
ICRISAT’s drought research: Hope that never dries up (May 2000)
Integrated Pest Management strategies to increase pulses production (May 2000)
ICRISAT inaugurates containment glasshouse for transgenic plants (April 2000)
President and Prime Minister of Niger visit ICRISAT’s display (April 2000)
A role in the life of the poor (April 2000)
US Under Secretary lauds ICRISAT’s
For a food-secure future (March 2000)
Providing science a human face (March 2000)
Legislators praise ICRISAT (February 2000)
CGIAR at the World Book Fair, New Delhi, India (13 February 2000)
CGIAR at the World Book Fair (February 2000)
ICRISAT releases Handbook on Environment-friendly Control of Pulse Pests (January 2000)
ICRISAT’s first Director General of the New Millennium emphasizes the human face of agricultural research (January 2000)

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