12) Dr Jill Lenné Joins ICRISAT as Deputy Director General-Research (September 2000)

Dr Jill M Lenné, an Australian, who was appointed as ICRISAT's Deputy Director General in May this year, arrived at Patancheru (ICRISAT Headquarters) on 28 August 2000 to start work in her official capacity. She was for mally welcomed to the Institute at a lunch hosted by Director General Dr William Dar.

Speaking on the occasion Dr Dar said, "The ICRISAT Management Team is now complete allowing us to go ahead at full-steam. Since we now have a much clearer direction for the Institute, research productivity will rise to new levels. Jill will play a key role in managing the Research Portfolio of the Institute."

For her part Dr Lenné is very pleased and happy to be back at ICRISAT, having served as Principal Plant Pathologist and Director of the Crop Protection Division from 1994 to 1997. She is aware of the challenges ahead, but excited about the opportunities for the Institute in the future. "I am looking forward to working closely with the ICRISAT team, both in generating new technologies, as well as in promoting their uptake by resource poor farmers of the semi-arid tropics," she said.

Since May of last year, Dr Lenné has been Programme Leader (Strategy) for the DFID Crop Protection Programme, Natural Resources International, UK. Prior to that (1997-99), she was a consultant to Agrobiodiversity International as well as to CABI Bioscience and Natural Resources International, UK. Dr Lenné has more than 20 years experience in tropical agricultural research, including assignments in almost 40 countries in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. During her career, she also worked for two science consultancy firms and for our sister Center, CIAT. She is author, co-author or editor of 130 research publications including four books, refereed journal articles, book chapters, and conference articles. She has long experience and contacts with European advanced research institutes, DFID-UK, and other European and Australian aid agenscies.

ICRISAT extends a very warm welcome to Dr Lenné and her husband Dr David Wood, and wish her every happiness and success in her new position. Her email address is J.LENNE@CGIAR.ORG .

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