6)Karnataka's Minister Urges Extension Systems to Take Advantage of ICRISAT's Technology (October 2000)

Mr T B Jayachandra, Honorable Minister for Agriculture, Government of Karnataka, sta ted that ICRISAT's innovative technologies should be transferred immediately to farmers, during his visit to the Institute's headquarters at Patancheru on 10 October 2000.

"The extension systems in the country have failed to take advantage of the Institute's results," Mr Jayachandra said. He urged the extension staff "to work out an effective mechanism" for such transfer of technologies.

Dr William D. Dar, ICRISAT Director General, accompanied the Minister on a short tour of the experimental fields and laboratories, giving him an overview of research activities carried out by ICRISAT in collaboration with its research and development partners.

The highlight of Mr Jayachandra's visit was his tour to the Watershed Research Project, where ICRISAT researchers explained to him the various components of this integrated technology. The Minister asked his officials of State Department and Agricultural Universities to interact with ICRISAT for the possibility of adoption of this technology in rainfed areas of Karnataka.

Mr Jayachandra said that he would ask the Managing Director of Karnataka State Seed Corporation to get improved crop varieties of ICRISAT mandate crops and discuss the modalities of seed multiplication for distribution to the farmers in the state.

During the visit, the Honorable Minister was accompanied by Dr S A Patil, Director of Research, University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Dharwad and a few other officials from the Government of Karnataka.

Dr Patil said that although UAS has been working with ICRISAT for a long time, he would "like to have collaboration in many more programs."

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