13) “ICRISAT – Peace in Action” Says PeaceBike Founder (August 2001)

Tad Beckwith, Founder of PeaceBike, who is cycling around the world carrying a message of peace and friendship, made a stopover on 2 Aug 2001 at ICRISAT at Patancheru en route to Bidar.

PeaceBike is an educational non-profit organization. As part of its effort to spread the message of peace, it started a bike trip in 1999 to connect young people around the world so that their friendships can build a peaceful future for us all. The PeaceBike Expedition Team visits schools and meet students, connecting them with pen pals, conducting interviews, sharing visions for peace, and telling tales from their world tour.

Tad, who was accompanied by his sister Penny who flew in from their home in Oregon, USA, to join India leg of the tour, started in Oregon, USA over two years ago.

rom there, he pedaled to south to Argentina, then flew to New Zealand and on to Australia and Southeast Asia before landing in Chennai. He plans to head south from Bidar to visit Kodaikanal, where he attended high school several years ago. From India, the plan is to carry the peace message to Pakistan, Iran and Africa.

After a brief tour of ICRISAT's research facilities, Tad described the Institute's work as an inspiration and an example of peace in action. He said, "I am impressed by the spirit at ICRISAT and I am thrilled that I can now share information about such partners of peace with schoolchildren around the world."

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