15) ICRISAT Develops Solar-Powered Sediment Sampler (July 2001)

The Natural Resource Management Program (NRMP) of ICRISAT has developed an automatic solar-powered sediment sampler to monitor soil loss from small agricultural watersheds. The new sampler is accurate, economical, and suited to difficult on-farm conditions

A unique feature of the instrument is its microprocessor-based control unit, which ICRISAT developed i n-house. This electronic 'brain' speeds up or slows down the rate at which samples are collected, depending on whether the flow rate is high or low. The design of the mechanical part of the sampler was taken from Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Australia. The units of the sampler were fabricated by ICRISAT Farm and Engineering Services Program.

Last year, ICRISAT received an order for 14 of these units from the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Recently, the Institute supplied 15 of these units to various countries (3 each to Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam; and 2 each to Indonesia, Nepal, and the Philippines). Dr P Pathak, ICRISAT Senior Scientist (Soil and Water Management) says, "On this order alone, we stand to benefit by about US$ 10 000!"

For further information, please contact:
Dr P Pathak, Senior Scientist, ICRISAT, Patancheru, AP 502 324
Phone: 3296161 extn 2337 email: p(dot)pathak@cgiar.org

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