16) APAARI Sets Asian Research Agenda (July 2001)

The Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI) today concluded an important strategy meeting on ‘Agricultural Research Priorities for South and West Asia'. The Executive Secretary of APAARI, a high-level association of agricultural policymakers in the Asia region, is Dr RS Paroda, Secretary to the Government of India, DARE, and Director General, Indian Council of Agricultural Research.

Paroda called for increasing participation of non-governmental organizations, the private sector and farmers' groups in APAARI's deliberations. Mr Peter Rosenegger, the FAO Representative in Delhi, described APAARI as a “shining example of regional collaboration,” and commended Paroda on his ability to line up donor support.

The 3-day meeting took place on the ICRISAT campus at Patancheru. ICRISAT Director General William Dar pointed out that in setting research priorities, it is significant that more poor people live in South Asia than in Sub-Saharan Africa. Dar was the Executive Secretary of APAARI while serving as Minister of Agriculture of the Philippines.

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