20) Eritrea Agriculture Minister Visits ICRISAT (June 2001)

His Excellency Mr Arefaine Berha, the Honourable Minister of Agriculture of Eritrea, visit ed the ICRISAT-Patancheru campus on Thursday 28 June 2001. He was accompanied by the Honourable Ambassador of Eritrea to China and India as well as senior agricultural officials from Eritrea.

Mr Berha was in Hyderabad at the invitation of the Central Research Institute for the Dry Areas (CRIDA), which works in close collaboration with ICRISAT. The visit was coordinated by Sri KRW Yesudas, OSD, Protocol, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Mr Berha said, “It is indeed an honour and a privilege to come to the centre which has provided Eritrea appropriate sorghum and pearl millet varieties and above all which has trained experts in these crops.”


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