32) Investing in the Future: ICRISAT and ICBA to Investigate Biosalinity in Agriculture (March 2001)

The International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA), based in Dubai, UAE, and ICRISAT signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today to initiate collaborative research on problems of biosalinity in agriculture. Observing that biosalinity is becoming an ever greater problem in agriculture, especially in the developing world, and particularly in the semi-arid tropics, Dr William D. Dar, Director General, ICRISAT, declared, "With this MoU, we are investing in the future".

Dr Mohammed Al-Attar, Director General and Chairman of the Board, ICBA, expressed great satisfaction that his young, 1.5-year-old Institute was entering into partnership with ICRISAT, "a center of excellence, widely known for its impact on the lives of the poor of the world". Dr Al-Attar said, "Together we will have a greater impact".

The MoU identifies the common objective of both Institutes "of contributing to agriculture research and development for appropriate utilization and management of natural resources in a sustainable manner".

Representing ICBA were Dr Al-Attar, Professor Dr Faisal K Taha, Director of Technical Programs, and Mr Jugu Abraham, Donor Relations Specialist. Besides Dr Dar, ICRISAT was represented by Mr S Parthasarathy, ADG; Dr Jonathan H Crouch, Acting Director, Genetic Resources and Enhancement Program; and Dr CLL Gowda, Principal Scientist (Technology Exchange).

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