41) ICRISAT Gets $ 1.2 Million from ADB for Genomics Research (January 2001)

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has pledged US$ 1.2 million to ICRISAT over a period of 3 years (January 2001 to December 2003) for the research project “Study on Rapid Crop Improvement for Poor Farmers in the Semi-Arid Tropics”.

Dr. Rodomiro Ortiz, Director, ICRISAT Genetic Resource and Enhancement Program and his team have already begun making arrangements to hold a start-up training workshop to launch the study activities at ICRISAT in partnership with the National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) of Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan and Vietnam.

The project will deal with the development of genetic-marker technologies to accelerate the development of better adapted, high-yielding varieties of sorghum, chickpea and groundnut with effective, built-in pest and disease resistance. Varieties with effective genetic resistance to pests and diseases will encourage farmers to significantly reduce the use of pesticides, minimizing adverse effects on the environment and human health. These varieties will ensure higher and more stable yields. Increased yields of these crops will play a significant role in reducing poverty in the region.

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