5) Karnataka Agriculture Minister Seeks ICRISAT's Expertise in Watershed (September 2001)

Mr Jayachandra made this announcement during his visit to the Institute's headquarters at Patancheru on the occasion of the Karnataka-ICRISAT Farmers' Day on 29 September 2001.

The Karnataka-ICRISAT Farmers' Day is part of a 3-day event dedicated to farmers of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. The Farmers' Day is being organized in partnership with each of these three states.

The Agriculture Minister showed keen interest in the short-duration groundnut varieties that have been developed by ICRISAT and its partners for drought-prone areas and urged his officials to help multiply the seeds on a massive scale.
He sought ICRISAT's help for developing groundnut varieties that are resistant to stem necrosis so that farmers can avoid the loss caused by this groundnut virus disease.

During the discussio n between ICRISAT management and scientists with the Karnaraka Agriculture Officials, several projects for future collaboration were explored.

Welcoming the Minister and the Karnataka farmers, ICRISAT Director General Dr. William Dar, said, “Collaboration is the formula we use for enhancing the application of our technologies.”

Dr. Dar added that ICRISAT will use new tools, such as biotechnology and farmer-participatory research to accelerate technology development and adoption.

Over 500 farmers from Karnataka attended the Farmers' Day and had a first-hand view of ICRISAT's technologies on seed improvement and land and water management.

Farmers also saw products of partner seed companies who had been invited to put up stalls at ICRISAT. At the end of the program, seeds of improved varieties developed by ICRISAT and its partners were distributed to farmers.

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