7) ICRISAT to Celebrate Farmers Day (September 2001)

ICRISAT is holding Farmers' Day at the Center's headquarters at Patancheru on the following days. This year, the Farmers' Day will be celebrated jointly by the concerned State and ICRISAT on 3 consecutive days at Patancheru.

  • Fri 28 Sep 2001 Andhra Pradesh-ICRISAT Farmers' Day
  • Sat 29 Sep 2001 Karnataka-ICRISAT Farmers' Day
  • Sun 30 Sep 2001 Maharashtra-ICRISAT Farmers' Day

The Farmers' Day is being held to help farmers learn first-hand about ICRISAT's research activities, improved technologies and the Institute's vision of Science with a Human Face. The program includes a slideshow, field tours, demonstrations, displays, Question-and-Answer sessions, and lunch.

We also plan to distribute seeds of improved varieties developed by ICRISAT and its partners, and have invited a few seed companies to put up stalls on our campus to sell seed to farmers. The day's program will begin at 0830 and close at 1600 and each group of farmers will spend 4 hours on the campus.

About 450 farmers, State Minister, Commissioner of Agriculture, Vice Chancellor, Director-Extension, and Director-Research from Agricultural Universities, and non-governmental organizations from each of the 3 states have agreed to participate in this 3-day program.

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