Newsroom  Press releases  2003

22) ICRISAT takes stock of Intellectual Property Assets (26 March 2003)

Considering the emerging challenges and issues of semi-arid tropics, and the changing agricultural research environment, there is a need to strengthen ICRISAT's position in the area of Intellectual Property (IP) management in line with ICRISAT's vision and strategy. As compared with movable and immovable property, intellectual property also needs protection to safeguard against willful infringement. Accordingly, ICRISAT held meetings on 24 and 25 March to take stock of Intellectual Property Assets by introduction of Intellectual Asset Disclosure Form. It provides a process for the disclosure of an "invention" and facilitate timely management of IP and to assess the impact of such inventions. It also helps trigger future technology transfer agreements in facilitating the products of ICRISAT work reach the greatest number and range of beneficiaries through "Science with a Human Face". The whole process was led by Dr Victoria Henson-Apollonio, Senior Research Officer, Central Advisory Service on Intellectual Property for the CGIAR.

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