2) ICRISAT to host international virology symposium

The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) and Indian Virological Society (IVS) are conducting an international symposium on management of vector-borne viruses from 7 to 10 February at ICRISAT headquarters at Patancheru. The meeting has specific-focus on disease occurring in semi-arid tropics (SAT).

Over 200 virologists from around the world are participating in the meeting to review the recent advances in the field of virology, and to deliberate on viral disease control and diagnosis using the state-of-the-art biotechniques.

The semi-arid tropics covers an area of about 20 million square km and is the home of nearly one billion people, most of them living in India and Africa. Unfortunately SAT is also home for major viruses and other fastidious pathogens, which create havoc to the health of humans, animals and plants. It is often the poorest people who suffer the most.

During the past few years the adverse economic impact from viral diseases in tropics is increasing steadily in the tropics. Emergence of new viruses and new strains of existing viruses, pose a worldwide challenge to contain the spread, and protect health of humans and animals, and to attain reliable crop yields to meet the increasing food demands. This meeting forms a platform to discuss on dynamics of virus pathosystems, harnessing new technologies to develop intervention strategies and new tactics for virus disease management.

Besides keynote presentations by eminent virologists, the scientists and students are expected to make oral and poster presentations. The topics of presentations deal with:

  • Molecular biology of viruses, virus disease diagnosis, epidemiology and evolution of viruses

  • Transgenic technology for plant virus resistance

  • Progress in vaccine research for the control of vector-transmitted human and animal viral diseases

For further information, contact Dr P Lavakumar at p(dot)lavakumar(at)cgiar(dot)org or visit www.mvbv2006.org.

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