17) ICRISAT scientist elected President of the International Congress of Entomology

A scientist from the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), Dr Hari C Sharma, Principal Scientist – Entomology, has been elected as the President of the Council of the International Congress of Entomology (ICE).

Dr Sharma was elected President at the 23 rd International Congress of Entomology, held from 6 to 12 July at Durban, South Africa. Over 2,500 delegates from 102 countries participated in the ICE in Durban.

Dr Sharma will hold the office of President of the ICE till the next Congress in 2012 in Daegou, South Korea. This is for the first time in the 102-year history of the International Congress of Entomology that an Asian has been elected to this post, which is the highest level of recognition for an entomologist by his peers.

Congratulating Dr Sharma, Director General of ICRISAT Dr William Dar said that Dr Sharma’s election as the President of the ICE is a recognition of the world-class talent at ICRISAT. This is another indicator of ICRISAT’s tradition of using world-class science for the benefit of the poor and marginal farmers of the semi-arid tropics.

In his acceptance speech Dr Sharma said: “The office bearers of the ICE and I will make all efforts to advance the cause of the science of entomology for fighting hunger and serving humanity. It was in Durban in 1914 that the ‘Great March to Independence’ was undertaken by Mahatma Gandhi, and nearly a century later, let us commit ourselves to undertake the Great March to fight hunger, poverty, and disease through excellence in the science of entomology for the service of mankind and the environment.”

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