03) Top body for international agricultural research approves new global strategy

The Board of the Consortium of Centers supported by the newly reorganized Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) met this week in India at the headquarters of the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) in Patancheru near Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

The CGIAR is a global partnership that unites organizations engaged in global research for sustainable agricultural development with the funders of this work. The funders include developing and industrialized country governments, foundations and international and regional organizations.

Through an inclusive reform process, the CGIAR opened another chapter in its 39-year history by adopting a new organizational model based on extensive consultations with partners and stakeholders. This model is made up of two pillars: the CGIAR Fund and the Consortium of 15 CGIAR Centers, serving as a single contact point for donors.

The Consortium Board leads in formulating CGIAR’s research strategy in partnership with centers, donors, partners and stakeholders.

An important outcome of the meeting was the approval of the CGIAR’s Strategy and Results Framework (SRF), which is envisioned to increase the probability of achieving wider development impacts. Essentially, the SRF provides a coherent framework for strategic planning, management, and communication within the CGIAR.

Towards, this four system level outcomes have been identified which are: reducing rural poverty, improving food security, improving nutrition and health, and sustainable management of natural resources.

With 10 voting members including the Consortium Chief Executive Officer, the CGIAR Consortium Board is led by Carlos Pérez del Castillo (Chair). The Board also held important meetings with Directors General of the Consortium of CGIAR Centers and Board Chairs of the Centers.

On the outcome of the meeting, Del Castillo said, "We are very happy to have approved the Strategy and Results Framework in this meeting.” It is a breakthrough and we dedicate this for smallholder farmers of the world. Appreciating the dedicated work of ICRISAT, Dr del Castillo further said, "I am very impressed with Team ICRISAT for the quality of science, people and its facilities.”

The newly appointed CEO of the CGIAR Consortium, Lloyd le Page, exclaimed, “I am really excited to be here and spend time with wonderful Team ICRISAT and applaud of them of their bold initiatives. I am excited to see the living laboratories, experimental fields and farmer’s fields.”

ICRISAT Director General William Dar said, "It was a great opportunity to host CGIAR Consortium Board meeting at ICRISAT this week. I am extremely happy with the outcomes and success of the meeting. The smallholders farmers of developing countries will benefit much from the research for development work of the Centers.”

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