30) ICRISAT collaborates with Ramoji Film City to set up First-of-its-kind Agriculture Theme Park

ICRISAT Director General William D. Dar and CEO of Ramoji Film City Mr Rajeev Jalnapurkar in presence of ICRISAT Governing Board Chair Dr Chandra Madramootoo (center) exchange documents after signing the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) at ICRISAT global headquarters in Hyderabad, India. Also seen are Director Strategic Marketing and Communication Ms Joanna Kane-Potaka (left) and Director ICRISAT Development Center Dr Suhas Wani. photo: ICRISAT

Hyderabad, Telangana, India (25 September 2014) ─ A sustainable environment is the need of the hour. The surge of global warming and more recently the drought witnessed in some parts of the country and abroad calls for immediate steps to mitigate the effects of drought and create a more sustainable future.

To achieve this ICRISAT (International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics) and Ramoji Film City will be joining hands to create a better environment to live in.

ICRISAT and Ramoji Film City signed a MoA (Memorandum of Agreement) on Sustainable Management of Water Resources and Sustainable Agricultural Development through the establishment of an Agriculture Theme Park at Ramoji Film City.

"It is an individual's responsibility to contribute to the environment they are living in. This collaboration between Ramoji Film City and ICRISAT creates scope for developing a sustainable environment. I would personally consider it to be the first step towards sustainability. The battle is not won, but just started, " said Rajeev Jalnapurkar, CEO of Ramoji Film City.
“We are very pleased to collaborate with Ramoji Film City and are excited about this venture. This partnership will help us take the excellence of knowledge to millions of smallholder farmers across the world,” ICRISAT Governing Board Chair, Dr Chandra Madramootoo said.

“The theme park will highlight the importance of agriculture in dryland areas as well as irrigated farming systems. We are focused on disseminating highly relevant technologies for Indian agriculture and make an impact,” ICRISAT Director General Dr William D Dar, said, “It is also important to engage with youth through various means to spread the message of sustainable agriculture, efficient water use and sustainable development. The Agriculture Theme Park in collaboration with the Ramoji Film City is one such initiative to reach out and spread the importance of these ideas,” he added

Working together on the way forward will be:

  • ICRISAT and Ramoji Film City collaboration to develop the sites of learning for farmers as well as by sharing the experiences and providing technical guidance through a multi-disciplinary team of scientists.
  • ICRISAT providing technical support for planning the agriculture theme park and develop the plan to be undertaken in a phased manner to address various facets of science and agriculture through the theme park.
  • The use of Ramoji Group’s media outlets to reach the farmers with the latest technologies and practices. The Ramoji Group has a reach to millions of people not only through the film city but also through the different forms of media including TV and print. Giving ICRISAT access to this media will help farmers get better access to world class scientific developments.

The partnership was formalized with the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between Ramoji Group and ICRISAT, at an event at ICRISAT headquarters on the 24 September.


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