ICRISAT’s Corporate Services Division comprises various crucial functions that provide essential support to enable the effective operation of ICRISAT's mission in improving agricultural productivity, resilience, and livelihoods in the dryland tropics. The Division collaborates closely with all departments to enable them to focus on their core activities while facilitating the organization's smooth functioning. Procurement, Security, Transport, Housing, Catering and other internal services required for the efficient functioning of the Institute also fall under the Corporate Services remit.


The Finance team ensures the efficient management and allocation of financial resources handling financial planning, budgeting, reporting, grants and fund management, procurement, risk management, and compliance. By maintaining transparent and accountable finance practices, Finance supports the organization's strategic goals.

Human Resources

The Human Resources team plays a pivotal role in attracting, developing, and retaining talented individuals who contribute to ICRISAT's success. We manage recruitment, employee relations, performance management, talent development, compensation and benefits, and employee well-being. Our focus is on fostering a diverse, inclusive, and engaged workforce.


The Communications team enhances ICRISAT's visibility and communicates its impactful research and achievements. The team develops and implements strategic communication plans, manages media relations, creates content, and leverages various channels to effectively engage internal and external stakeholders. The goal is to share ICRISAT's innovative work and inspire collaborations.

Information Technology

The Information Technology team empowers ICRISAT with advanced technological solutions. The team manages the organization's IT infrastructure, networks, systems, and data. The IT team also ensures secure and reliable information management, supports digital innovation, and provides technical assistance to maximize operational efficiency and productivity.