Enabling Systems Transformation Overview

The Enabling Systems Transformation program works across all ICRISAT locations, and with various dryland agricultural stakeholders, to create a more supportive environment for the adoption of context specific sustainable and resilient agricultural practices that can withstand future challenges.

This is achieved through a combination of policy reforms, institutional changes, agri-entrepreneurship solutions, technological and inclusive nutrition sensitive innovations, gender equality, and social inclusion social engagement and the capacity strengthening of key actors.

Focus areas

 Access to Quality Seeds and Market-Preferred Varieties: We work towards increasing farmers' access to high-quality seeds and nutrient-dense crop varieties that are in demand in the market.

 Targeted Interventions for Plot, Farm, and Landscape: We prioritize and target interventions at the plot, farm, and landscape levels to maximize their impact on improving agricultural productivity and sustainability.

 Change Management Tools for Technology Adoption: We investigate different approaches, such as monetary incentives, cultural and social stimuli, and incentive systems, to encourage farmers to adopt new technologies and change their behavior.

 Climate-Smart Agricultural Practices and Resilience: We promote climate-smart agricultural practices that enhance the resilience of farming systems to climate variability and change.

 Strengthening Markets and Market Linkages: We work on strengthening markets and establishing market linkages for crops grown in dryland areas, ensuring farmers have access to profitable market opportunities.

  Participatory Value Chain Models: We engage farmers and other stakeholders in participatory value chain models that benefit all actors along the value chain.

  Policy Reforms: We develop, test, and implement strategies for accelerated and coordinated policy reforms to create a favorable environment for sustainable agriculture.

  Empowering Women and Youth: We focus on engaging rural women and youth in local entrepreneurial opportunities within the agricultural sector. We also support agribusiness start-ups through incubation.

  Promoting Nutritious Food and Smart Food: We introduce new processed food products made from millets and legumes to enhance the nutritional status of rural populations. We collaborate with the public and private sectors to promote smart food choices and support farmer producer organizations (FPOs) and small enterprises.

  Gender-Responsive Approaches: We ensure that our interventions are gender-responsive and transformative, considering the specific needs and roles of women in agriculture.

  Capacity Building: Through our Dryland Academy, we offer comprehensive capacity building and learning solutions to internal and external stakeholders, creating a one-stop shop for knowledge and skills development.

Research Program Director
Dr Victor Afari-Sefa

Global Research Program Director - Enabling Systems Transformation - Ghana