The Gender and Youth Cluster (GYC) recognizes the crucial role of women and youth in agricultural development, particularly in Africa and Asia's dryland regions. Agricultural innovations and technologies hold immense potential to improve livelihoods, enhance food security, and promote sustainable practices. However, women and youth face numerous challenges and constraints that limit their access to resources and decision-making processes. These barriers result in reduced productivity, increased poverty, food insecurity, and malnutrition, undermining the potential benefits of agricultural advancements.

To achieve gender equality and empower women and youth in agriculture, it is essential to address the sociocultural norms and discriminatory structures that hinder their participation and opportunities.

The GYC focuses on promoting inclusive models that integrate women and youth in agricultural development in the dryland tropics of Asia and Africa. By adopting transformative approaches and conducting research for development, the GYC aims to analyze gender dynamics, assess the impact of interventions, and pilot strategies that enhance the agency of women and youth in agrifood systems and value chains.

Through its work, the GYC strives to strengthen the sustainable transformation of the lives and livelihoods of smallholder farmers, with a particular emphasis on vulnerable individuals, households, communities, and regions. By unraveling gender nuances, fostering resilience, and promoting gender equity, the GYC contributes to creating resilient livelihoods, fostering gender equity, and driving the transformation of food systems in the dryland regions of Africa and Asia.