About the Dryland Academy

Welcome to International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics Dryland Academy, where the future of the dryland are defined by possibility.

Nestled at the intersection of world-class research, leading-edge science, and practical outcomes, the Dryland Academy stands as a beacon of learning and knowledge sharing for better agri-food systems in the dryland of Asia, Africa, and beyond.

In an era characterized by environmental challenges and a rapidly growing global population, the necessity for resilient and sustainable agricultural practices has never been more apparent.

ICRISAT's Dryland Academy is a dynamic response to these pressing issues, drawing upon ICRISAT's rich legacy of research excellence over fifty years. With a profound commitment to tackling the unique challenges of semi-arid regions, the Academy offers a transformative platform that combines rigorous scientific inquiry with actionable solutions through pragmatic courses. At the core of the Dryland Academy's ethos is its emphasis on world-class research learnings.

Collaborating with leading experts from diverse fields, the Academy cultivates an environment that encourages interdisciplinary exploration and discovery. Here, researchers, academics, and practitioners converge to unravel the complexities of dryland agri-food systems, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation.

Powered by leading-edge science, the Academy fosters an ecosystem of innovation that bridges theory and practice. From advanced crop breeding techniques to precision agriculture and climate-smart practices, the Academy leverages the latest scientific breakthroughs to shape sustainable solutions tailored to the unique demands of dryland environments. By embracing emerging technologies and methodologies, the Dryland Academy propels agri-food systems towards resilience, productivity, and enhanced livelihoods.

However, the true measure of the Dryland Academy's success lies not just in its scientific prowess, but in the tangible, practical outcomes it delivers. As an institution deeply rooted in the communities it serves, the Academy ensures that its research translates into meaningful impacts on the ground.

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Key Staff

Dr Victor Afari-Sefa

Global Research Program Director - Enabling Systems Transformation - Ghana

Dr R Padmaja

Cluster Leader – Knowledge and Capacity Development & Gender and Youth - India


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