The Nutrition, Dietary Behavior, and Smart Food Cluster at ICRISAT is dedicated to improving nutrition outcomes, promoting healthy dietary behaviors, and advancing the production and utilization of smart foods. With a focus on the dryland tropics, our cluster aims to address malnutrition, enhance food security, and improve the overall well-being of communities.

Recognizing that nutrition is a complex issue influenced by various factors, our cluster takes a multidisciplinary approach.

We collaborate with diverse stakeholders, including researchers, policymakers, communities, and development organizations, to generate evidence-based solutions and drive positive impact.

Our cluster engages in research and development activities to understand dietary behaviors, nutritional requirements, and the challenges faced by communities in accessing diverse and nutritious food. We employ innovative strategies to promote behavioral change, increase awareness, and improve the availability, accessibility, and affordability of nutritious foods.

Smart food, an integral part of our cluster's focus, refers to nutrient-rich crops that are resilient to climate change and well-suited to local agroecologies. By promoting the production and consumption of smart foods, we aim to enhance nutritional outcomes, strengthen food systems, and contribute to sustainable agriculture.

Through capacity building initiatives, knowledge sharing, and partnerships, our cluster strives to empower individuals and communities to make informed dietary choices. We work closely with stakeholders to develop and disseminate tools, resources, and interventions that facilitate behavior change, support nutrition education, and foster the adoption of healthy and sustainable dietary practices.

The Nutrition, Dietary Behavior, and Smart Food Cluster at ICRISAT is committed to driving positive transformations in nutrition, health, and well-being in the dryland tropics. By integrating research, innovation, and collaboration, we aim to contribute to a world where all individuals have access to nutritious and culturally appropriate diets for a better quality of life.

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