The ICRISAT Development Center (IDC) is a translational Research for Development (R4D) wing of Global program on Resilient Farm and Food Systems (RFFS) that bridges the gap between scientific research and large-scale impact. We develop a range of innovations in the areas of landscape resource conservation, soil health and water management at landscape scale. Considering landscape as a base for resource augmentation particularly moisture conservation, we integrate a range of climate resilient agriculture technologies such as conservation agriculture, improved seed varieties, need based mechanization, soil health management, agroforestry and high value vegetable cultivation for achieving sustainable crop intensification, profit maximization with minimal water-energy footprints.

Our mission is centered around bridging the knowledge gap through the development of innovation clusters in diverse agroecological regions across Asia and Africa, serving as learning sites. This approach provides opportunities to explore a wide array of research areas related to climate change, land degradation, water management, health, and nutrition. We firmly believe that by doing so, we can significantly contribute to food security and poverty reduction, aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our work is focused on four main areas:

  Scaling up proven technologies: We identify and transform proven technologies into system-wide solution packages for scaling up/out. This involves working with diverse partners to develop and implement effective scaling strategies.

  Scaling out new technologies: We identify and promote new technologies that have the potential to be scaled out to large numbers of farmers. This involves working with partners to conduct research, develop products, and build capacity.

  Monitoring and evaluation: We use monitoring and evaluation to track the progress of our work and to learn from our experiences. This helps us to improve our scaling strategies and to ensure that we are making a positive impact on the lives of smallholder farmers.

  Capacity building: We build the capacity of partners to scale up and scale out agricultural technologies. This involves providing training, technical assistance, and access to resources.

The IDC is a collaborative organization that works with a wide range of partners, including national agricultural research systems, development organizations, private sector companies, and farmer organizations. We believe that by working together, we can achieve our vision of a world where millions of smallholder farmers benefit from improved agricultural technologies and practices.

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