Soil and Water Analysis Overview

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and accurate soil and water analysis solutions to support sustainable agricultural practices and enhance productivity in challenging environments.

Soil and water are fundamental resources for agriculture, playing a crucial role in crop growth, nutrient availability, and overall ecosystem health.

Our Soil and Water Analysis Services utilize state-of-the-art technologies, advanced laboratory facilities, and a team of expert scientists to deliver reliable and insightful assessments of soil and water quality.

Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses a wide range of analyses, including soil fertility assessment, nutrient profiling, pH analysis, soil texture determination, salinity assessment, and water quality analysis.

By evaluating key parameters, we provide valuable insights into the health and composition of soils and water bodies, enabling farmers, researchers, and other stakeholders to make informed decisions and implement targeted management strategies.

ICRISAT's expertise in the semi-arid tropics ensures that our analysis services are tailored to the unique challenges faced by farmers and agricultural systems in these regions and further afield. Our solutions are designed to address issues such as water scarcity, soil degradation, nutrient imbalances, and salinity, among others. Through our services, we aim to improve soil and water management practices, enhance crop productivity, and promote sustainable agricultural development. Additionally, we provide access to expert resources, data interpretation tools, and guidance to support your decision-making and soil and water management practices.

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