The Technology Adoption and Impact (TAI) Analysis cluster conducts rigorous research to address the increasing demand for evidence on the R&D outcomes of ICRISAT's research and investments in the drylands of Asia and Africa. The cluster aims to improve the co-development, targeting, and prioritization of agricultural research and food system interventions for systems transformation.

To achieve this, the TAI Analysis cluster develops analytical protocols, tools, and methods to provide rigorous evidence supporting evidence-based decision-making for impact analysis, anchoring, and scaling at various integration levels. It evaluates the contributions of ICRISAT's technological and social innovations to critical development outcomes and measures the cost-effectiveness and rates of return on public investments in agricultural research and development.

The research combines quantitative and qualitative systems analysis and impact approaches, integrating interdisciplinary research teams based on well-articulated theories of change and impact pathways.

Insights from experimental and behavioral change theories are used to understand individual, household, and institution-level decision-making, informing the development and integration of sustainable agricultural technologies, innovations, policies, and scaled adoption.