At ICRISAT, our Genebank operates at the forefront of scientific innovation, employing cutting-edge tools and technologies to effectively conserve, manage, and utilize the invaluable genetic resources entrusted to us. Our commitment to excellence in genetic conservation and research is reflected in our state-of-the-art facilities and advanced methodologies.

  Genetic Information Management System (GIMS): GIMS serves as the backbone of our genebank, facilitating efficient data management and traceability of germplasm holdings. This comprehensive digital platform enables us to meticulously record and retrieve essential information, such as passport data, characterization and evaluation data, and seed availability, ensuring seamless access to our diverse germplasm collection.

  Cryopreservation: To safeguard the long-term viability of critical plant genetic resources, our genebank utilizes cryopreservation techniques. This state-of-the-art technology involves ultra-low temperature storage, using liquid nitrogen, to preserve plant tissues, seeds, and pollen. Cryopreservation enhances the longevity of germplasm samples and enables the conservation of recalcitrant or difficult-to-store species.

  DNA Barcoding and Genotyping: Utilizing advanced molecular techniques, our Genebank employs DNA barcoding and genotyping methodologies to authenticate, identify, and analyze plant genetic resources. These powerful tools provide precise information about the genetic diversity, relationships, and traits of germplasm accessions, facilitating efficient utilization in breeding programs and research endeavors.

  High-Throughput Phenotyping: To accelerate the characterization and evaluation of our germplasm collection, we employ high-throughput phenotyping technologies. These automated systems allow for rapid and accurate measurement of various plant traits, including yield potential, disease resistance, and nutritional quality. High-throughput phenotyping expedites the identification of desirable traits and assists breeders in developing improved crop varieties.

  Tissue Culture and In vitro Conservation: ICRISAT's Genebank harnesses tissue culture techniques to propagate and preserve plant genetic resources under controlled laboratory conditions. This method enables the multiplication of rare or endangered accessions, conservation of valuable genetic traits, and regeneration of recalcitrant species. In vitro conservation ensures the availability of plant material for research and future utilization.

  Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis: To enhance our understanding of agro-ecological environments and optimize germplasm utilization, our Genebank utilizes remote sensing and geospatial analysis tools. By combining satellite imagery, geographic information systems (GIS), and environmental data, we gain valuable insights into climate patterns, land suitability, and geographic distribution of plant genetic resources.

At ICRISAT, our Genebank's utilization of these advanced tools and technologies not only reinforces our commitment to excellence in genetic conservation but also empowers us to make significant contributions to global food security. Through continuous innovation and strategic partnerships, we remain at the forefront of genetic research, fostering sustainable agriculture and addressing the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

For details of germplasm and reference sets, please visit the Genebank portal.