Analysing large scale soil samples and undertake applied research - Soil health mapping of smallholder farmers in Central and Southern Indian landscape

Project Start Date : 2023-02-01

Project End Date : 2025-01-31

Donor : Dr. Reddy's Foundation

Co-design soil health and agroecology scaling strategies for micro-watersheds in Ethiopia and Kenya

Project Start Date : 2022-12-01

Project End Date : 2024-02-29

Donor : Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH, Ethiopia

Enhancing the productivity and resilience of agro-pastoral systems, and income, food and nutrition security through market-oriented innovations in Niger

Project Start Date : 2022-09-29

Project End Date : 2027-09-28

Donor : United States Agency for International Development-USA

Digitalization of fertilizer extension for targeted and economic use in Ethiopia

Project Start Date : 2022-06-01

Project End Date : 2022-12-19

Donor : Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa

Enabling a resilient and prosperous community through participatory agroecological practices in the semiarid region of central Tanzania

Project Start Date : 2021-01-01

Project End Date : 2023-12-31

Donor : Biovision Foundation for Ecological Development

Enhancing Resilience of Livestock-based systems in Afar and Eastern Amhara through integrating tailored dryland innovations

Project Start Date : 2020-11-01

Project End Date : 2022-10-31

Donor : European Union

Targeting fertilizer source and rate in Ethiopia

Project Start Date : 2020-05-01

Project End Date : 2021-12-31

Donor : United States Agency for International Development-USA

For the delivery of Technical Assistance on Capacity Building, Water management, Instrumentation for water budget and Implementation of Land Degradation Surveillance Framework (LDSF) under Participatory Small-Scale Irrigation Development Programme Phase 2

Project Start Date : 2019-04-26

Project End Date : 2022-04-25

Donor : Ministry of Agriculture-Ethiopia

Participatory small Scale Irrigation Development Program Phase 2 (PASIDP-II) -- Enhancing Efficiency of Small scale Irrigation in Tigray and Amhara Regional States, Ethiopia through capacity building and farmer innovation

Project Start Date : 2019-03-11

Project End Date : 2022-03-10

Donor : International Fund for Agricultural Development


Project Start Date : 2018-03-01

Project End Date : 2021-07-31

Donor : Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Pathways to Agroecological Intensification of Sorghum and Millet Cropping Systems of Southern Mali - Phase 2

Project Start Date : 2016-10-01

Project End Date : 2019-09-30

Donor : McKnight Foundation

Sustainable Intensification of Key Farming Systems in the Sudano-Sahelian Zone of West Africa - Phase 2

Project Start Date : 2011-12-31

Project End Date : 2019-03-31

Donor : United States Agency for International Development-USA