Digital Agriculture Platform for Precision Advisories

Project Start Date : 2023-03-01

Project End Date : 2025-02-28

Donor : Zuari Farmhub Limited

Agri Monitored Re-Engineering and Transformation (AMRT)

Project Start Date : 2021-09-17

Project End Date : 2026-08-16

Donor : Government of Odisha, India

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Platform (MEL) under TAAT

Project Start Date : 2021-05-25

Project End Date : 2022-05-24

Donor : Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Enabling digital platform to support crop production and management

Project Start Date : 2021-04-01

Project End Date : 2023-03-31

Donor : Jiva Ag Pte Ltd

Improving the draft GEF-7 KMS and M&E platform to incorporate the GCF programme framework and indicators and enhance its potential as an adaptive learning tool for FAO GEF and GCF field projects

Project Start Date : 2020-10-01

Project End Date : 2021-04-30

Donor : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Hyperlocal Elicitation and Understanding of Risks to Stability In Complex Systems

Project Start Date : 2020-10-01

Project End Date : 2024-03-31

Donor : Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Promoting and using the Mobile App of PEAT in ICRISAT's GreenPhablet (Crop pest and disease detection using Image recognition)

Project Start Date : 2016-11-24

Project End Date : 2017-11-30

Donor : Progressive Environmental & Agricultural Technologies GmbH